2019 Marks a New Class of Filter Efficiency

Press Releases   •   Jan 08, 2019 12:52 GMT

Leading filter manufacturer, Camfil, welcomes the new classification for air filter energy efficiency introduced by Eurovent. The Eurovent Energy Rating 2019, which came into force on January 1st, is based on ISO 16890:2016, the international standard for particle filtration in buildings that replaced previous test standards on June 1, 2018.

Give the Gift of Clean Air! Simple tricks to keep your indoor air quality high this holiday season

Blog posts   •   Dec 21, 2018 15:01 GMT

We often discuss solutions for keeping the air inside our workplaces clean from pollutants. We speak about the harmful outdoor air pollution in cities from cars, smog and factories. But during the holiday season, we have the unique ability to spend time away from work and at home with friends and family.

Global Moves Aim to Strengthen IAQ

Blog posts   •   Dec 13, 2018 14:56 GMT

Whether small or large, the end product of our air filters is clean air that is free of harmful contaminants, pollutants, allergens, dust, dirt, molecular gases, or even life-threatening radiation.

Preserving the Past with Clean Air

Blog posts   •   Dec 06, 2018 09:10 GMT

Next time you’re enjoying the sights of your local museum, consider the army of air filtration equipment that is helping to preserve history, art and culture from across the globe.

Camfil Launches New Gold Series X-Flo Industrial Dust Collector Built on 20 Years of Proven Performance

Press Releases   •   Nov 05, 2018 12:54 GMT

JONESBORO, Ark., October 31, 2018 – The new Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) industrial dust collector from Camfil APC is the industry’s best-in-class dust collection system built on 20 years of successful performance of the company's award-winning Gold Series collector.

Will Clean Air Aid in World Record Attempt? Camfil Provides Air Cleaners to SASSE

Press Releases   •   Oct 24, 2018 13:47 GMT

Camfil will partner with SASSE in order to bring clean air for optimal breathing during a world record attempt. By providing two City M air cleaners from the City Range, the air encompassing the ThroaxTrainer Indoor Skier will be best for training purposes.

Camfil's Stinger Isolation Valve for Dust and Fume

Press Releases   •   Aug 20, 2018 13:55 GMT

In order to protect the manufacturing processes and its workers where combustible dust is created, Camfil offers the Stinger explosion isolation valve.

United Kingdom - Camfil endorses Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill introduced to the House of Lords

Press Releases   •   Jul 13, 2018 19:25 GMT

The bill is predicted to be a model for similar legislation in other countries, regions and the United Nations. Camfil will report on further development of the bill with Simon Birkett and Peter Dyment and continue to aid in the mission of clean air for all.

New Agreement Expands Camfil's Supply in Spain

Press Releases   •   Jun 05, 2018 18:42 GMT

Since 1974, Spanish company Salvador Escoda has grown into a powerhouse of supply products for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, water, renewable energy, gas, electricity, refrigeration and isolation. This year, Camfil and Salvador Escoda reached an agreement to provide quality Camfil products in their supply stores.

Camfil expands UK market leading position with the acquisition of MC Air Filtration

Press Releases   •   May 01, 2018 09:32 GMT

Camfil AB is proud to announce the acquisition of the UK group of companies Bushbury Holdings of which M.C. Air Filtration represents the largest company.

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For more than half a century, Camfil has been helping people breathe cleaner air. As a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimize energy use, and benefit human health and the environment. We firmly believe that the best solutions for our customers are the best solutions for our planet, too. That’s why every step of the way – from design to delivery and across the product life cycle – we consider the impact of what we do on people and on the world around us. Through a fresh approach to problem-solving, innovative design, precise process control and a strong customer focus we aim to conserve more, use less and find better ways – so we can all breathe easier.
The Camfil Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has 28 manufacturing sites, six R&D centres, local sales offices in 26 countries, and 4,180 employees and growing. We proudly serve and support customers in a wide variety of industries and in communities across the world. To discover how Camfil can help you to protect people, processes and the environment, visit us at www.camfil.com.


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