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Neo B2B Marketers Asia Summit


Shanghai Marriott Hotel, China

We are glad to issue the CMO 2012 project named Neo B2B Marketer Asia Summit . Any marketing strategy must be aligned with their corporate one. However, confronting much more opportunities and challenges than ever, B2B marketers are taking more responsibilities nowadays.
- 30 international speakers (keynote or panelist) at VP / CMO level
- 100 + senior marketing director/leader
This summit is right about the next generation of B2B marketers, of whom we focus on their new orientation like B2B demand generation, B2B brand communication, and B2B factory marketing. Are you good enough?

What B2B Marketing Function we focus:
- B2B Field Marketing
- B2B Market Communication
- B2B Factory Marketing (Product Marketing)

What B2B Categories we focus:
- B2B Industrial Product & Material
- B2B Technology & Equipment
- B2B Professional Service & Advisory

Main Topics
- B2B Marketing Dynamics
- New Responsibilities
- Buy-In Oriented B2B Marketing Strategy
- Demand or Brand
- Direct Marketing to Generate Market Demand
- Complex Service Marketing
- New Account Marketing
- Engaging Sales Learning
- Client Engagement 2.0
- Brand Loyalty
- B2B Brand Activation
- Content Marketing & Social Marketing in B2B Domain
- Industrial Marketing
- New Product Marketing
- Product Lifecycle Marketing
- The boundary between B2C and B2B Marketing is becoming increasingly blurred or cleared
- Innovation to Engage Demands vs. Neo Marketers Organization
- Focus from B2B selling process to buying phase
- Marketing Talent Engagement
- Influencer Marketing
- Neuro-Marketing
- Professional media marketing
- Email marketing
- Brand Strategy in digital 2.0 world
- B2B Brand Communication & PR
- Design global & local search strategy
- Guerilla marketing

Corporate Voice
According to our interviews of many B2B marketers here they suffered from different pain points in Field Marketing / Market Communication / Factory Marketing under the new b2b marketing dynamics like:
- Poor demand generation
- Fair leads management strategy
- Lost in enterprise marketing 2.0
- Clients are becoming low loyalty of the brand
- Inefficiency of B2B CRM strategy
These will shape the main framework of the forum. The door is opened for many B2B marketers from professional service industry and kick off rethinking of what b2b marketing is becoming to be in APJ.

Day One: Thursday, September 21st
07:30 Registration & Coffee
08:30 Welcome Address
08:50 Session 1: B2B Marketing Dynamics
09:30 Session 2: New Responsibilities
10:10 Tea Break & Networking
10:40 Session 3: Buy-In Oriented B2B Marketing Strategy
11:20 Session 4: Demand or Brand
12:00 Session 5: Market Automation Tech contributes the new value for B2B business domain
12:30 Session 6:
Track A (B2B demand stream)
A1. Direct Marketing to Generate Market Demand
A2. Complex Service Marketing
A3. New Account Marketing
A4. Engaging Sales Learning
Track B (B2B brand & PR 2.0 stream)
B1. Client Engagement 2.0
B2. Brand Loyalty
B3. B2B Brand Activation
B4. Content Marketing & Social Marketing in B2B Domain
Track C (B2B factory marketing)
C1. Industrial Marketing
C2. New Product Marketing
C3. Product Lifecycle Marketing
C4. Demand Forecasting in B2B arena
17:15 Night Gathering
Day Two: Friday, September 22nd
08:50 Session 9: Boundary between B2C and B2B Marketing is becoming blurred or cleared
09:30 Session 10: Innovation to Engage Demands vs. Neo Marketers Organization
10:10 Tea Break & Networking
10:40 Session 11: Focus from B2B selling process to buying phase
11:20 Session 12: Nimble Strategies for Today’s Small Organization on the Move
12:00 Session 13: Marketing Talent Engagement
12:20 Session 14:
Track D (New Marketing Arena - Case Study)
D1. Influencer Marketing
D2. Neuro-Marketing
D3. Professional media marketing
D4. Email marketing
Track E (New Communication Age - Case Study)
E1. Brand Strategy in digital 2.0 world
E2. B2B Brand Communication & PR
E3. Design global & local search strategy
E4. Guerilla marketing
Track F (Showcase & Solution Demo)
17:15 Wine tasting and networking
Featured Solutions
- Marketing Automation
- SEO/ search marketing
- Digital/ social media marketing
- Demand Generation
- Leads management/generation
- Email marketing/ database marketing/ direct marketing
- Event marketing
- Client relationship
- Corporate branding
- Innovation marketing
- PR& market communication

To ensure high-level of relevancy and maximize the time and opportunity for attending ConsignIndex events, our distinguished speakers are extensively lined up via tended identification, comprising of the foremost strategists, industry evangelists, technology gurus, prominent thought leaders as well as next generation trend planners.
- VP of Marketing, Blue Coat System Asia Pacific & Japan
- Global VP of Marketing, Cisco USA
- VP-Marketing, Cisco Greater China
- Global Marketing & Communication Director , Tyco Electronics
- Global Channel Marketing Director
- Global Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText USA
- Interactive Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Asia
- VP-Communications, American Chamber
- Senior Director Marketing Asia Pacific, Citrix
- Strategic Marketing Director, Alcatel Lucent Asia Pacific
- VP-marketing, MFG
- Asia Field Marketing Head, Lumesse
- Marketing Head, Infosys China
- Marketing Director, Sherwin Williams Asia
- Marketing Director, CARLISLE
- Head of Marketing, SAP/Sybase Asia
- Director, Asia Communication, Texas Instruments
- Director, Product & Marketing, ADP
- Marketing Director, Dassault Systems, Asia Pacific & Japan
- President, Global Source Asia
- Head of Indirect Sales & Marketing, Mercer Asia Pacific & Japan
- Head of Marketing, Eaton Asia Pacific & Japan
- Head of Marketing & Operation, Raytheon Professional Service
- Head of Communications-China, Alfa Laval
- Former Marketing Head, Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China
- Head of Communications Asia Pacific, Global ConsignIndex
- Regional Marketing Director, TMF Group
- CEO, RMG International
- VP-Marketing, Tora Trading Services
- Head of Communications, CECCG
- Brand Director, Aon-COFCO Insurance
- Partner, Global Innovation & Marketing Organization, McKinsey
- Chief Principle Professor, CEIBS
- Marketing Director Asia, E&Y
- …

Neo B2B Marketers Asia Summit program is only accessible by selected business leaders and decision makers, based on 6S principles developed by ConsignIndex: stage structure scale scope signal scenario
- Stage of project evaluation
- Structure of decision-making process
- Scale of affected business domains
- Scope of responsibility
- Signal of interest to initiate vendor sourcing program
- Scenario of project development and implementation
Delegation is composed of key decision makers and business leader with job titles of Director, SVP and VP of sales & marketing, carrying out ultimate responsibility for marketing.
Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, Heads of Departments and Executives who work within the following job functions:
Marketing VP/GM/Directors/Managers, Service & Product Marketing Leaders, Marketing Leaders/Sales Leaders, GM, Partner, VP

Benefits of Attending
- Omni learning and networking experience throughout event life cycle, via pre-event interaction between the registered participants, in-event communication as well as post-event customer care programs;
- Customized plenary content including: keynotes, workshops, panel discussion, and think tank, etc;
- Advanced online scheduling system to personalize event itinerary with flexibility and efficiency to maximize event participation outcome;
- Full access to all event documentation using secured web-based portal, hard copy upon request;
- Default subscription to ConsignIndex professional social community to stay connected with peers and receive industry updates;
- Fostered networking opportunities with peers and top vendors to nurture your business social contacts;
- Extraordinary hospitality planning to encourage connectivity with leisure and style, including wine tasting, gala dinners, cocktail parties, cruise sightseeing, etc;
- …

About Global ConsignIndex Co., Ltd & Series B2B Marketers’ Events
Global ConsignIndex Co., Ltd is a professional B2B deal broker in Asia Pacific that focuses on generating business opportunities between corporate buyers and B2B vendors. ConsignIndex makes business rings and provides solid leads for B2B marketers to shorten the transaction process and fulfill sell cycle earlier. In the meantime, we work for corporate buyers as well, to source the qualified B2B vendors. The methodology of business ring-making is based on complex B2B marketing practices, leveraging dynamic tools of telemarketing, event marketing and BSNS to deliver real business opportunities.
To share latest information on B2B marketing with our clients, and ensure seamless event lifecycle experiences, ConsignIndex organizes specific theme event on a regular basis.

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