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Geheimnisvoll (Mysterious) – Photographs by Bernd Sannwald | Exhibition and Opening in Grünwald

Pressemitteilung   •   Feb 12, 2015 21:14 CET

Estate agency Von Poll Immobilien in Grünwald near Munich will present an exhibition of photographs by Munich art photographer Bernd Sannwald from 27 February to 24 April 2015. The exhibition opening, at which the artist will be present, will take place on 26 February at 7 pm, with a speech by the geophysicist (LMU Munich) and photographer Dr. Ernst Geiss. The exhibition contains 18 large-scale photographs depicting unusual and striking aspects of everyday objects, enigmatic structures and shapes that only reveal their true nature after a second or even third examination. DJ Raphael will provide the musical setting.

Bernd Sannwald, Art Photographer
Where photographs resemble paintings: Bernd Sannwald brings a painterly handling of light, expressed with clarity and conciseness, to his work and in doing so inspires feelings approaching contemplation, indeed physical resonance. He extends the boundaries of photography beyond their accustomed limits, applying a unifying hermeticism to the process that indicates a “way to the light”, awakening associations and drawing our imaginations further into the unknown. On his travels as a photographer, through days of wandering through streets and laneways, museums, stations and public buildings, a structure suddenly emerges from nowhere, a surface or colour that grips him, an abstract space resonating with colours, geometry and reflections. He begins by using light to paint an image, capturing a mysterious simulacrum of his perceptions on his digital canvas – a section, an unusual perspective, a play of light and shadow or a reflection – always eschewing macro photography or image editing.

Von Poll Immobilien Grünwald
At estate agency Von Poll Immobilien Grünwald, Thomas Utecht has provided regional artists with a setting to display their works for over ten years. “The exhibitions I stage at my premises focus exclusively on artistic works that fascinate and inspire me personally, and that I want to present to my customers and business partners”, explains Utecht, a former camera operator and an art-lover. The exhibition can be viewed at Schlossstrasse 14 a in 82031 Grünwald. For more information on Bernd Sannwald and the works in the exhibition, visit

About Bernd Sannwald

Photography has been part of Bernd Sannwald’s life since his early youth. Although art retreated into the background during his study of biology and medicine and establishment of a psychotherapy practice, he returned some years ago to devoting himself intensely to his artistic passion.
In 2011 Bernd Sannwald set up a photographic studio in Solln, a district of Munich, and joined the artists’ association "Künstlerkreis Münchner Süden". The 20-plus members organise a major joint exhibition of new work annually, reviving the tradition of Solln as an artists’ colony. Bernd Sannwald received the general public award at the Autumn 2014 exhibition. 

Bernd Sannwald’s works present enigmatic views of everyday objects, mysterious structures and shapes that only reveal their true nature after a second or even third examination, and turns the spotlight on objects that would otherwise have gone ignored. He uses light to paint images, capturing mysterious simulacra of his perceptions – a section, an unusual perspective, a play of light and shadow or a reflection.

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