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World Health Day 2018: From demands to action

Pressemitteilung   •   Apr 07, 2018 18:42 CEST

World’s biggest Easter Egg in Wolfach (Black Forest)

Dear readers,

When I was asked to comment on this year’s World Health Day, I first went to the publicly accessible information on the internet from the WHO. The demand there is for universal health service provision, “because half of the world’s population does not have comprehensive access to essential health services. However, this does not mean making available every conceivable health-related intervention free of charge, but providing measures to counter key illnesses…”

Conscientiously researched reports are regularly consulted in order to derive global demands from them. And with that, another World Health Day has been taken care of. But I ask myself the question, why does an association like the WHO not commit itself more fully to the prevention of disease?

In the last 10 years, as a result of a lifesaving heart operation, I have myself been paying greater attention to the subject of (my) health, reducing health risks and taking better precautions.

And time and again in recent years, clever professors in the healthcare industry have made it clear to me that for almost 90% patients of a medical practice who suffer from common diseases like diabetes, back pain, cardiovascular diseases etc., it is in the end down to the patients themselves and how they lead their lives that determines whether they experience the best possible health (and not to suffer) in the third phase of life.

So then I asked myself:

what can I do myself to improve my situation, and right away?

The first task was to reduce stress, along with the aim of only dealing in future with those people and tasks that have positive effects on me, which mean in the end added value. My cycling activities, also electrically assisted for the last three years, became another basis for the production of happiness hormones, and a real source of power and energy.

In the last 30 months my sport app has alerted me 398 times to the fact that I have achieved my target of more than 60 minutes movement per day. That motivated me again and again as I went on. Unfortunately, I then noticed that my level of activity in the first quarter of 2018 had reduced by 50% compared with 2017, and at the

same time my weight had increased by 5%.

Lent has now ended. Now, with the increasing energy of the sun and new targets set, I am resuming my personal fitness regime. Endorphins are dispensed, metabolism and oxygen supply are optimized, the energy supply and waste disposal of every cell are boosted every day. So Easter also became a “festival of renewal” for me in the physical sense.

For more than 20 years, I have also used Physical Vascular Therapy twice a day in order to further improve my microvascular circulation and optimize sleeping and regeneration conditions.

The American Heart Association has in recent years been urging more and more research into microvascular circulation, in order to be able to treat the causes of many common diseases better in future. The German Federal Association for Health Information and Consumer Protection Information [Bundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz-Info Gesundheit e.V.] of Bonn tackled this topic in a new brochure:

MICROVASCULAR-CIRCULATION- The significance of ultra-fine blood vessels for healthy circulation

In 2018, we of the International Microvascular Net (IMIN) will be supporting primarily medical events throughout Europe, at which the subject will be treated as a cause of illness and methods for treatment with new technologies and for measuring success will be demonstratred.

With this in mind, I wish you time to pause and think on WORLD HEALTH DAY. Take the decision for MORE HEALTH for YOURSELF.

Simply act.

Expert network on microcirculation

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