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The SmartFix Concept – Prosthetic solution on tilted implants

Press release   •   Apr 25, 2012 09:32 UTC

New angled ANKYLOS and XiVE abutments facilitate the restoration on tilted implants

Mannheim, April 25, 2012 – The new SmartFix Concept is an implant-prosthetic process for the restoration of edentulous patients with screw-retained bridges or bars in the upper and lower jaw. Based on the Malo procedure, established for over ten years, the SmartFix Concept by DENTSPLY Friadent provides an option for circumventing augmentations in critical anatomical regions. Practitioners can now restore tilted implants using the newly available 15 and 30 degree angled ANKYLOS Balance Base and XiVE MP abutments. At the same time, the extremely delicate abutment head of the two-component abutment provides an especially high degree of flexibility. The practical seating instrument also provides secure and simpler management. Thus, users can quickly and safely restore their patients using occlusally screw-retained bridges or bars in the upper and lower jaw.

Tilted implants are an advantageous treatment option for patient restoration. Due to the position of the mandibular nerve or advanced atrophy of the upper or lower jaw, the placement of adequately long implants in the molar region is often difficult. Tilted implants can be a patient-friendly alternative here, as invasive and time-consuming augmentations and nerve repositioning can often be avoided in this way.

The advantages do not just involve the surgical process, however, but also prosthetic restoration. Thanks to the tilted implant position, the practitioner can extend the prosthetic support base distally and hence take optimal advantage of the autochthonous bone.

Optimal restoration on tilted implants
In order to be able to utilize these advantages, however, the user needs the right components. With its angled ANKYLOS Balance Base and XiVE MP abutments, the SmartFix concept provides a solution for precisely this treatment situation: thus, edentulous patients with screw-retained bridges or bars can now be optimally restored with the new 15 or 30 degree angled abutments and with comparatively less effort.

At the same time, the practitioner's design scope allows for the particularly delicate abutment head of the two-component abutment: the abutment head provides a high degree of freedom of design for adjusting the superstructure in terms of the height and the diameter and is, of course, compatible with the popular components of the ANKYLOS Balance Basis and XiVE MP system. Hence, the prosthetic restoration can be optimally adapted to the patient's requirements. At the same time, management is very simple, since the abutment head has been premounted on a short, flexible seating instrument and can be delivered reliably, even where there is limited space. In the process, the optimal system connection of the angled ANKYLOS and XiVE abutments with the ISUS implant superstructures by Compartis enables the utilization of perfectly fitting, CAD/CAM-fabricated superstructures made from titanium or cobalt-chromium, if required. With the SmartFix concept, practitioners can choose between late or provisional immediate restoration.

Reliable and stable restoration on ANKYLOS and XiVE
The non-indexed Balance Basis abutments by ANKYLOS guarantee 360 degree free positioning of the implant and the abutment. Thanks to the integrated hex, XiVE MP abutments can be delivered easily, reliably, and, above all, repeatably. ANKYLOS' Platform Switching, which is also possible with XiVE, with the appropriate abutment and implantat combination, also shifts the transition between the implant and the abutment centrally. This guarantees easy access to the implant and the protection of the peri-implant tissues – the prerequisite for long-term stable implant-prosthetic results. Thanks to the very narrow abutments, a collision with the distal bony margin is avoided.

More information can be found at under the ANKYLOS and XiVE product brands.

DENTSPLY Friadent, Friadent GmbH, Steinzeugstr. 50, 68229 Mannheim, Germany,

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