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Simplest API implementation possible?

Blog post   •   Jul 02, 2009 16:03 GMT

To use an URL shortener in your project, I would strongly recommend It let you set a custom URL (name) and track traffic, clicks and conversations on micro blogs. But best of all, it should be super-fast and super-stable, since Twitter recently chose as their default URL shortening service.

Using the REST API is also super-easy! Here is how you do it in Rails:

  1. Sign up to get your API username/password here.

  2. Get HTTParty if you don't already use it: sudo gem install httparty

  3. Copy the code:
    require 'httparty'
    class Bitly
        include HTTParty
        base_uri ''
        basic_auth 'username', 'password'
        format :json
        def self.shorten(url)
            response = get('/shorten', :query => required_params.merge(:longUrl => url))
        def self.required_params
            	{:version => "2.0.1"}

  4. Paste code into lib/bitly.rb. Usage: Bitly.shorten("longurl")

This is perfect for, as an example Tweeting your URL's. (I will get back to our Twitter API implementation at Newsdesk.)

The complete API docs are here:

To extend and share this class - use my Gist:

Comments (2)

    Works great!

    - Pierre - Aug 06, 2009 20:50 GMT


    Thanks for such a knowledgeable post.

    - Kopi Hijau - Jun 09, 2016 03:56 GMT

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