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19-010-RO Crisis Alert on landslide and flooding in Bududa, Uganda (Not Activated)

Nyhed   •   Jun 20, 2019 09:00 CEST

b.1 Where is the crisis? Describe the areas affected

The area affected is on the road to Bukalasi in the Bududa area. It is located on the Mt Elgon, is

a coffee and banana growing community ( cash crops ) with a high population growth and a high

pressure land, which means cultivation and deforestation on the upper slopes in the valley. Land

slides occur for that reason during the rainy season

b.2 What is the nature of the crisis? Please describe the type of crisis (e.g. earth quake, other

natural disaster occurring without warning) and describe potential local social and political

implications (e.g. for specific target groups).

As mentioned it is a severe landslide which can have killed up to 55 persons and destroyed the

physical infrastructure, arable land and houses in the area. It seems that the government intend

to reallocate the remaining population a more secure area. This was also the intention with the

victims of the 2018 landslides in the neighbourhood but was never implemented

b.3 What information do you have about the situation? What is the source of that information?

Please provide available information on

- affected populations including specific vulnerable groups and access to these .

- Up to 55 persons killed or missing, infrastructure and crops destroyed. No housing

facilities. The victims live at the football ground and in a local church

- urgent emergency and/or protection needs

- Our local representative mentions that tents and blankets are urgently needed. We

expect that this will be provided by the local Red Cross. Seeds and tools will also

be highly needed if the remaining population is to reestablish what could be called

“a normal life”. In the longer run – within the coming months treeplanting,

terracing, measures against soil erosion will be a must. Energy saving stoves

must be constructed

- other actors responding and coordinating (including government, community structures,

the UN, INGOs)

- Although the government is present it is our experience from former catastrophes

in the area that the support is not sufficient and that they don’t have the capacity.

Often limited to reallocation of the population and food supply the first days after

the catastrophe.

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