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How to Secure Your IoT Business | SAP Innovation Forum 2017

Blogindlæg   •   Mar 17, 2017 09:00 CET

The world is getting smaller, but the data is getting bigger. Global competition is growing rapidly and demands increased efficiency from every business around the globe. The business that wins is the one that succeeds at using the “big data” to gain greater knowledge and insight into the business environment.

The number of devices on the internet is rapidly increasing, and the data available is growing exponentially. Around 2009, there were more ‘things’ on the internet than there were people in the world. This is what we call the ‘Internet of Things’ (the internet is more for “things” than for people). In a few more years, we will see more than 50 billion devices connected via the internet.

The more knowledge you have about your business efficiency, the bigger your competitive advantage will be – if you act on it. The Internet of Things perspective can help you with that.

How to get started:

A good and easy place to start is by working with your existing data, for instance from your SAP system, and apply algorithms to that data. By using the right algorithms, you can test your hypotheses and decide if you need more concise data by utilizing other data sources such as sensors. For example, you can apply algorithms to analyse your historical “work orders” to initialize enhanced predictive maintenance and identify issues in your planned maintenance. You can apply sensors to your warehouse to automate stock counting and apply automated reordering by Kanban integration to your suppliers.

2BM can help you analyze your data and build the right algorithms to test your hypotheses. We can help you get started with applying sensors and IoT to your business processes.

Contact us at and let’s have a talk about how we get started.

Michael Borre

Blog post's writer Michael is a Head of Digitization & Innovation for 2BM

2BM is one of the main partners at SAP Innovation Forum 2017. #SAPForum

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