Hosted Newsroom is a feature that mirrors all your Mynewsdesk material to your own website. You may even customize it so that the experience for your website visitors is seamless, when moving between the hosted newsroom and the rest of your site.

Mynewsdesk Subdomain

By default all customers, with access to the feature Hosted Newsroom, has a Mynewsdesk subdomain reserved for them. For example a company called Acme Inc would get the domain acme-inc.mynewsdesk.com. The difference between the Mynewsdesk newsroom (www.mynewsdesk.com/se/acme-inc) and the subdomain on Mynewsdesk, is that the latter doesn’t have the Mynewsdesk header and footer.

Your Own Subdomain

To get a more seamless experience for your web page visitors, and also to improve the search engine optimization, you may customize the page to show up on your own subdomain, such as press.acme-inc.com.

How to implement

First you, or somebody helping you, need access to the administrative settings of your website’s domain name, the DNS settings. Create a CNAME record for the subdomain of your website and have it point to www.mynewsdesk.com.

Enter the subdomain you’ve decided upon in the corresponding field in the Hosted Newsroom settings. Once your CNAME record is set, the material you publish through Mynewsdesk will be published also under your chosen domain.

Post-implementation checks

After setting up the CNAME, a check is automatically run to ensure it’s working correctly.

Estimated Implementation time

Setting it up is usually a simple task, but can only be done by someone who has access to the website’s domain settings. Depending on DNS-provider and settings it can take some time before the changes take effect, usually about an hour.


Your own subdomain doesn’t work for encrypted connections (i.e. https://press.acme-inc.com/). It is possible to set this up, but it’s rather technical. Contact support for help.



You can change fonts, colours of the text and background to match your company’s graphic profile. You can find these settings under the Design tab.

HTML, CSS and Javascript

To get an even better match between your webpage and the Hosted Newsroom you may even add your own HTML code that will be rendered as header and footer in your Hosted Newsroom, as well as custom CSS and Javascript, under “Advanced settings”.

Links in social media and emails

When publishing a material you may have it sent to social media and to your contacts by email. Links back to the story is by default point to the Mynewsdesk newsroom, rather than your Hosted Newsroom. You can easily change this setting under Hosted Newsroom settings.


  • Javascript execution is only allowed on your own subdomain, to avoid so called cross site scripting attacks.
  • Customization by Javascript is not enabled for all customers yet, please contact Support and ask them to enable it.

Alternative setup: Embed Mynewsdesk in a page

An older way of integrating Mynewsdesk is to use a technology called IFRAME. The IFRAME is essentially a window to your newsroom on mynewsdesk.com, directly visible on your own website.


This alternative has some drawbacks:

  • Not optimized for search engines, the pages will not be indexed on your domain.
  • Some visitors may experience technical issues with rendering, printing, backward navigation and more, especially on older browsers.
  • The setup is somewhat complex.
  • Does not allow custom HTML nor custom Javascript in the embedded page.

How to implement

You need to go through the four steps in the Hosted Newsroom settings. These steps require administrative access to your website, as well as access to its server settings.

  1. Download the helper.html file and upload that to the server that contains your website. The helper file must be accessible on the same domain as where you will implement the IFRAME. This can be done by an FTP program or other tool, depending on how your website’s maintenance is set up.
  2. Enter the URL to the helper.html file, e.g. http://www.acme-inc.com/helper.html. Make sure to click “Verify helper file” afterwards. If the file is correct, you should not be redirected and you’ll see a completely white page when opening the URL in a browser.
  3. Copy the script and paste it to your website, on the exact page and location where you want the Hosted Newsroom to be placed.
  4. Copy the URL of that page into the field in step four. This will ensure that external links (for example shared links through social media) can be redirected to the page where your Hosted Newsroom is embedded.

Post-implementation checks

To make sure that the helper.html file is installed correctly, try to click on a release in the newsroom and confirm that the URL changes from something like www.acme-inc.com/newsroom to www.acme-inc.com/newsroom#material_type/name-of-the-release.

Another indicator that it’s not installed correctly is a lot of white space under the newsroom, which means it doesn’t get resized correctly.

If you think something is wrong, please review the four steps again. Make sure the file is publicly available to the URL you have entered.

Estimated implementation time

Going through the four steps detailed above will take a web administrator anything from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on their level of expertise.