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Sweden's top chef Alexander Sjögren interprets this year's trend color in a unique design collaboration with Duni

Press Release   •   May 09, 2016 11:09 GMT

Sweden's top chef Alexander Sjögren interprets this year's trend color in a unique design collaboration with Duni

The Swedish Bocuse d'Or chef Alexander Sjögren has put his trademark on a napkin from Duni. The result is a design that highlights the lemon and its color, shape and texture.

Duni has during a number of years entered several spectacular design collaborations. Next to put his mark on a napkin is Alexander Sjögren, the Swedish chef who is currently competing in the prestigious gastronomic competition Bocuse d'Or.

Bocuse d'Or is informally known as the world championships for chefs. It is settled by letting the world's top chefs compete in various contests to eventually enter the grand finale, which is held every two years in Lyon, France. The European Championships happens next in Budapest, Hungary, May 10 to 11, 2016.

Alexander Sjögren is not only famous for his cooking, he also known for having a great interest in color and form. On Duni's behalf, he has developed a unique design where he chose to highlight his favorite ingredient – the lemon.

"I basically always include lemons somehow in my cooking," says Alexander Sjögren. "I use everything from the zest to poached, pickled and salted lemons. It often puts just the right flavor to the course. The peel with its yellow color and distinct texture is also visually beautiful. I wanted to highlight all of this on my napkin."

"We are proud that Alexander Sjögren together with us, worked out a unique design which we gladly put our napkin," says Tina Andersson, Business Area Director Consumer & Corporate Marketing at Duni. "The napkin design symbolizes not only Alexander's cooking, but also gives a subtle nod to the one of this year's major trend colors - yellow. It also highlights the special shape and texture of the lemon, almost like a painting. We look forward to launching the napkin during 2016."

Since 2014, Duni is one of the head sponsors of Gastronomy Sweden and thus supports the Swedish team in Bocuse d'Or.

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