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Farrow & Ball painting a brighter future with Elephant Parade

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2013 12:02 GMT

A new office for Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade’s worldwide base has moved to a new office in the beginning of June. Elephant Parade now operates from picturesque Naarden Vesting, a town with a long and interesting history. Situated very close to Amsterdam in the Gooi region in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. Naarden Vesting is an example of a star fort, complete with fortified walls and a moat. Naarden was granted its city rights in 1300 (the only town in Het Gooi to have received this status) and later developed into a fortified garrison town with a textile industry. 

It was not without a reason to settle in the historical building at Kooltjesbuurt 11. The building has a rich history with an interesting past. It used to function as an artillery warehouse, a textile warehouse, a home to wed soldiers and as a weapon room. Shortly, after the Second World War, the ministry of military decided to sell the building. It then became the office of a building contractor. The building later became a historically protected monument. Not without reason, as this part of the Netherlands should never get lost or vanish, just like Asian elephants. 

Farrow & Ball have a colourful history with Elephant Parade as they were the official paint partner for Elephant Parade London in 2010. Farrow & Ball helped Elephant Parade choose the right colours to match the DNA of the brand and supported Elephant Parade by donating the paint for the creation of a magical space.

Sarah Cole, Director Farrow & Ball: ”We are delighted to continue our support of Elephant Parade by supplying the paint for their new offices.  The colours create a dramatic environment where the beautifully painted elephants really shine.”

The project

Mike Spits, founder of Elephant Parade and creative director: "The budget we could spend was practically nothing as we operate as a social enterprise. We decided that with a few bold and dramatic changes and the right paint we could transform this old building to our brand look and feel. 

"We tore out the yellow carpet and painted the cement floor in Farrow & Ball’s Manor House Gray® No.265 Floor Paint. The building has relatively little light, with windows only in the roof and a warehouse door at the front. So it was a little risky but also bold to paint all the walls in our elephant grey with Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe® No.26.

"We are very happy with the result, because the colourful elephants are now dramatically highlighted with the dark grey backdrop of the walls and people passing by actually think the office is a gallery space. Result accomplished with no refurbishing or construction work, just Farrow & Ball paint! This was an interesting experiment which worked and we'll expand this look & feel to our new shops and our existing Elephant Parade House in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We're even thinking of colouring the outside of that building in the same colour grey. It will definitely be noticed!"

About Farrow & Ball 

At Farrow & Ball, we make unmatchable paints and wallpapers. Ever since we were founded by paintpioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, their passion for producing paint using only the finest ingredients and age-old production methods has remained at the heart of Farrow & Ball, right through to today.

Our sumptuous paint colours are made using high levels of rich pigments to original recipes and ourwallpapers are hand crafted using our own paints and traditional printing methods. We make everything at our factory in Dorset, England, home to Farrow & Ball since its beginnings. Each and every batch is subjected to scrupulous testing to ensure that our Elephant’s Breath® is no Dead Salmon® and our wallpapers retain their uniquely tactile texture.

Farrow & Ball products are available from showrooms and stockists around the world and

About Elephant Parade Let's paint a brighter future!

We believe in the power of a global movement to make a happier world. Our worldwide open-air art exhibitions create millions of smiles and raise awareness of the need for elephant conservation. We will support the Asian elephant forever. 

Be part of it.

© Elephant Parade International B.V. 2013

Photography by Bert Janssen'

Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. Created by local and international artists, each elephant is a unique piece of art. Parades have been run in the following cities:

Rotterdam 2007

Antwerp 2008                      

Amsterdam 2009

Emmen Zoo 2010                           

London 2010           

Bergen 2010            

Heerlen 2011

Copenhagen 2011 

Milan 2011   

Singapore 2011                  

Hasselt 2012

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