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International Art Elite Join Line-Up for Elephant Parade: Welcome to America in Dana Point

Press Release   •   Jul 24, 2013 23:14 GMT

DANA POINT, Calif. (July 23, 2013)A coastal favorite for savvy world travelers,The Resorts of Dana Point will be host to the international art elite during the U.S. debut of Elephant Parade®, a ten-week open-air exhibition launching August 23, 2013. A sneak peek of the open-air art exhibition’s star-studded artist line-up includes international poet of paint Chor Boogie, rising Mumbai jewelry designer Mira Gulati and world-renowned pin-up artist OliviaDeBerardinis.

"The City and the Resorts are thrilled to showcase this extraordinary art exhibition in one of California's most beautiful destinations, Dana Point," said Jim Samuels, General Manager of Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa. "Best of all, by hosting the U.S. premiere of Elephant Parade, we are able to significantly contribute to helping the preservation of the Asian elephant. And when we can share our beautiful destination with a meaningful cause, the purpose of it all makes a lasting impression for visitors."

Elephant Parade: Welcome to America artists will join a long list of previous supporters including top-tier celebrities such as Tommy Hilfiger, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Isaac Mizrahi, Goldie Hawn, Diane von Furstenberg and many more. A Tribute Collection of half-sized celebrity designs will be displayed alongside dozens of original life-sized artworks – measuring almost 6 feet long – in the upcoming Dana Point exhibition.

Chor Boogie is an urban street artist turned international art sensation after his use of bold, geometric shapes struck a cord with collectors and museums worldwide. Through his sophisticated street-mural style, Boogie’s works inhabit the space where imagination and emotion meet the healing power of color therapy. Provocative and powerful, his imagery is instantly recognizable across the globe with nearly 100 murals in city streets and galleries in Mexico City, Beijing, New York City, Sydney and others.

Mira Gulati is a gemstone sensation traveling across the globe from India to join the exhibition. As the founder and lead designer of Mirari – a custom jeweler blending contemporary elegance with deep Indian heritage – Gulati bridges cultural barriers in her steadfast support of The Asian Elephant Foundation. Her personalized pieces are handcrafted with stones sourced from all corners of the world and the Elephant Parade sculpture will be a stunning showcase of her custom creations.

Olivia DeBerardinis is a Southern California native known for her delicate feminine touch on pin-up portraiture. Her work speaks to female empowerment with bold creations that provocatively depict powerful women across the world from iconic Bettie Page to femme-fatale Dita Von Deese. DeBerardinis has been an American staple for several decades and her work continues to be featured in international galleries and publications.

“No matter the artist, celebrity or painter, this dynamic group of people are gathering on a global level to be a part of an incredibly important cause—to paint a brighter future for a species now threatened with extinction,” said Mike Spits, Co-Founder of Elephant Parade. “We were very intentional in our decision to work with The Resorts of Dana Point and launch the first U.S. Elephant Parade in this vibrant, coastal community. The city is a role model for others around the world for embracing conservation and working on a local level to make a global difference.”

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About Dana Point, Southern California

Conveniently located in south Orange County, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, Dana Point boasts a breathtaking collection of resort properties with an approachable elegance unique to the Southern California shoreline. Dana Point’s dramatic beauty is complemented by a distinct variety of year-round signature events, as well as boundless ocean experiences along its golden coast. Renowned as the whale-watching capital of the world, Dana Point features an abundant marine life and a legendary harbor that opens to an ocean of possibilities.

About The Asian Elephant Foundation

The Asian Elephant Foundation supports various projects and organizations throughout Asia, varying from (mobile) elephant hospitals to developing solutions for human-elephant conflicts, and thus supporting the well-being and the conservation of the Asian elephant. 

About Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade® is the world’s largest open-air exhibition of life-sized elephant statues decorated by local and international artists to generate worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the endangered Asian elephant.

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Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. Created by local and international artists, each elephant is a unique piece of art. Parades have been run in the following cities:

Rotterdam 2007

Antwerp 2008                      

Amsterdam 2009

Emmen Zoo 2010                           

London 2010           

Bergen 2010            

Heerlen 2011

Copenhagen 2011 

Milan 2011   

Singapore 2011                  

Hasselt 2012

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