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New line of extreme adhesives – grabs everywhere instantly, and friendly to the environment

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2012 14:00 GMT

ESSTACK is the name of a unique line of adhesives with extreme ability to stick and bond on just about every material, both inside and out. The ESSTACK adhesives are paintable, weather resistant and cure even under water! The entire line of adhesives is free from solvents making it friendly to the user and the environment.

ESSTACK is the line of adhesives that combines best in class extreme instant tack with high bond strength and universal ability to stick towards just about anything. Without any negative effect on bonded materials, the adhesives adhere to both porous and none porous surfaces and works both in and outdoors. ESSTACK series are paintable, weather resistant and will have a service life of at least twenty years. All products in the range is mould resistant, will cure even if immersed in water and have the ability to stick even to damp surfaces. Furthermore the product line is free of hazardous substances such as isocyanates, solvents and plasticizers.

The New ESSTACK series is the logic evolution of ESSVE’s previous adhesives, and is the first extreme instant fixing adhesive series on the market. The predecessor, ESSTACK HT-X, surprised many with its initial grab, and now it’s even stronger. As a complete product line now is created, four different varieties of the adhesive, all with unique functionalities are available.

Common for the entire line is the high instant load bearing capability, the cured, more than enough, bond strenght (up to 30 ton/m2) that stick onto just about all surfaces and the solvent-free composition of the adhesive. The latter also makes the adhesives odor-free.

” ESSTACK is a line of adhesives that together get the job done in 98% of all mounting applications, regardless of surface, weather, and load requirement. The adhesives are also consumer friendly since they are really easy to use. There is a great need for reliable all-round adhesives and we believe that the ESSTACK-line soon will be the market leader within its segment in the Nordic region,” says Magnus Carlson, Category Manager for adhesives & sealants at ESSVE.

Strength levels vary between the different adhesives, but considering that the ‘weakest’, ESSTACK CLEAR, has an instant grab ability of 200 kg and a maximum load capacity of 15 tons, it really makes you understand just how strong this line of adhesives really is. ESSTACK XTRM is the monster of the line and will uncured instantly handle up to 500 kg per m2.

 ”One of the major benefits for the craftsmen is that the ESSTACK line features massive instant grab and therefore there is no further need of any extra support while curing, no slipping or sliding, when stuck it stays! Obviously this saves a lot of time, when we have interviewed professional craftsmen, this is the outspoken definitive number one feature for them! It’s without doubt, a benchmark benefit which has been proven by its presser’s success. Instant tack, a feature valid in almost any application, you can step on, continue with your next task, without worry, and therefore be a lot more productive,” says Magnus Carlson.

ESSTACK product facts:

ESSTACK PRO1 – has the highest maximum load capacity
An enhanced version of the original product HT-X, but now faster and better grab! The extreme maximum load capacity of close to 30 ton/m2 is impressive.

ESSTACK CLEAR – the transparent adhesive (first in the world!)
Unique transparent fixing adhesive with instant grab. A universal transparent tack adhesive instead of the traditional white one. Suitable everywhere when you do not want the adhesive to show, e.g. perfect for mounting on glass.

ESSTACK EASY – a softer more easy-to-use adhesive
With a high extrusion rate, very fast cure rate, ESSTACK easy serves an all-round instant grab user friendly adhesive. Valid for both the craftsman and the handyman it’s perfect when the extreme instant grab is not necessary and temperatures drop subzero, available in several colors.

ESSTACK XTRM – handles 500 kg/m2 instantly (First in the world!)
The new monster on the market that features an incredible 500 kg/m2 of instant grab. Thereby it’s also the strongest fixing adhesive on the market, a definitive benchmark. Achieving this means that we can leave the old solvent based technology behind.

For further information:
Mattias Sebell Marketing Manager ESSVE +46 70 623 28 78

Magnus Carlson Category Manager for adhesives & sealants ESSVE +46 (0)70 539 41 42

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