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Reduce the set uptime and increase your cash flow!

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2015 13:25 GMT

You know there is no secret that quick tool changes and minimal set up time is an easy way to save money, the true challenge is to find out how to do it. How about using a Power Tool when pressurize your hydro sleeve and tight it as much as you like, you are done in seconds and it is strong as an ox.  Safe for your precious fingers when handle a super sharp tool set and no more fiddling with a cumbersome safety collar as it is integrated.

CIA is the brand new ETP HYDRO-GRIP hydro sleeve that will make your tool Changes and -set up safer, easier and quicker than ever!

Features and Benefits

  • Pressurizing is done in seconds
    with a Power Tool.
  • Integrated safety collar with
    hydro sleeve.
  • Ergonomic design for safe and
    easy handling.

About ETP Transmission AB:

ETP Transmission AB, after being in business for more than 35 years, has successfully developed products for 3 business or application areas.

  • Metalworking • Woodworking • Power Transmission
  • under the registered trademarks ETP® and ETP HYDRO-GRIP®.

    Our business concept and all products are based upon the hydraulic principle. The ETP high precision
    products offer quick assembly and disassembly. With other words, you can fit your tools or components quick, easy and precise and run at high speeds. Within a few seconds you achieve perfect centering and fastening, simply by tightening of only one screw. Saving you time and money.

    We are a global company and our customers are the leaders within their segments. This is the way we likeit, working with companies that expect the absolute best from us. Your challenges drive us forward!

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