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Flexible Lighting Control For Sustainable Offices

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2019 13:26 GMT

Flexible lighting control - Fagerhult e-Sense Organic G3.

Modern offices require lighting solutions able to adapt to changes. With the e-Sense Organic G3 control system from Fagerhult, it is easy to meet user needs – and save energy.

e-Sense Organic G3 is a wireless plug and play system specifically developed for flexible and dynamic workplaces. The sensor-based system recognises how rooms are being used and adapts accordingly. All luminaires are equipped with their own sensor that reacts to presence and daylight. Each sensor shares, receives, and transmits information to nearby luminaires. This allows the light to propagate through the room and switch on as needed. Users perceive light to be everywhere within their field of vision and around their workspace, which contributes to a safe and pleasant environment – while also saving energy.

–“e-Sense Organic G3 is an easy-to-install plug and play system. The luminaires only need to be connected to the mains for the system to start running. Basic settings and elements in the configuration can be easily adjusted according to preferences via an app. Sensor updating is achieved wirelessly as new functions are developed and made available,” says Daniel Unoson, Manager of Controls and Connectivity at Fagerhult.

The app also enables property or office managers to easily plan and optimise the lighting as the needs and use of the rooms changes. Light levels, switch-off times, and daylight dimming can be set in the app and the settings can then be relayed directly to the luminaires. e-Sense Organic G3 can also be supplemented with a connected cloud service with a Heat Mapping function, which records presence in the premises over time. This generates an overview of how the premises are used. The service provides complete energy performance analyses during a day, week, or in different zones, and allows for real-time updates. This means that lighting can be planned and scheduled to meet the organisation’s needs and to optimise energy use in the premises.

e-Sense Organic G3 is quite simply the best control system for companies and property owners looking for sustainable operations with a focus on people and the environment. It is fast, simple and effective – and it is the obvious choice for those who want to future-proof their property. 

Fagerhult develops, produces and markets professional lighting solutions for public environments such as offices, schools, retail areas, industries and hospitals, indoor and outdoor. Our lighting knowledge, in combination with a wide range of innovative, energy efficient, environmental friendly lighting solutions, makes us a natural partner for the entire project. Fagerhult is a part of the Fagerhult Group, one of Europe’s leading lighting groups, with about 3,300 employees and operations in 25 countries around the world.