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Pozzo Scale pendant

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2018 10:00 GMT

Scale is the latest evolution of the Pozzo lighting concept. Despite its slim form, measuring only 51 mm in height, Pozzo Scale has a focused indirect light component dedicating up to 40 % of the total light output to the ambient surfaces for an increased spatial experience.

To complement the direct/indirect, Pozzo Scale is available as a direct only pendant. In areas with reduced ceiling heights Pozzo Scale Ceiling helps maintain the design integrity and lit effect.


Pendant. Ceiling.


∅ 500: D > 2500 lm. D/I > 3700 lm. C > 2500 lm.

∅ 650: D > 41 00 lm. D/I > 6000 lm. C > 4100 lm.

∅ 850: D > 6100 lm. D/I > 9200 lm.



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