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The smart things of tomorrow

Blog post   •   May 31, 2016 13:32 GMT

As we have mentioned before, at you can spend hours browsing through all the cool stuff and smart things. Intelligent frying pans, flower pots, bags... almost everything either already has or will soon have a smarter and connected version.

Postscapes writes about an intelligent blind that can be set for specific times or to follow the sun. Everything from doors and windows to ventilation, lighting, alarms and elevators can be controlled or analyzed via the internet.

As usual, these are individual and isolated solutions. The intelligent blind is based on its own system, its own smartphone app, and has no idea how to talk to an intelligent refrigerator in the kitchen.

At best, a few features can communicate, possibly because they come from the same manufacturer. But in most cases the interaction between these so-called intelligent features is exactly zero.

We have said it before, but it bears repeating. When a billion smart things are connected in the coming years, it must be through platforms and standardized solutions. This applies to the world of property and intelligent homes more than anywhere else. If investments are made in isolated solutions, development will be delayed and set back by several years.

So think before you connect!

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