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Brother celebrates #printsmart solutions on International Print Day

Lehdistötiedote   •   Loka 19, 2016 12:34 EEST

Print and technology specialist Brother is celebrating a #printsmart solution that enhances secure printing for a range of business departments, such as IT, HR and finance.

Brother celebrates #printsmart solutions on International Print Day,

Chris Marshall, Commercial Director for Brother International Europe.

Print and technology specialist Brother is celebrating a #printsmart solution that enhances secure printing for a range of business departments, such as IT, HR and finance. It can also benefit the healthcare, legal and education sectors.

Founded in Japan over a century ago, today Brother is a globally recognised print and technology brand with a reputation for product innovation and pioneering solutions.

Earlier this year we developed a security white paper to highlight our device management solution PrintSmart SecurePro, which delivers a wide range of highly secure functions specifically designed to meet the needs of European businesses.

What better way to celebrate innovative, secure print solutions than by taking part in International Print Day (IPD).

We are thrilled, therefore, to be participating in a global conversation - #printchat - with key users of print in all its forms on this year’s chosen theme #printsmart.

  • PrintSmart SecurePro allows users to store documents on a central server instead of a device. Its flexibility means documents can also be collected from any machine in the building, so long as it is connected to the server.
  • Active Directory which requiresusers to input their username and password in order to authenticate printing.
  • Built-in Transport Layer Security and Secure Socket Layer encryption, the same technology used to protect bank and credit card details.
  • Secure PDF function designed so users have toinput a four-digit PIN before gaining permission to open the document. This minimises security risks of sharing or emailing scanned documents.

Our secure solutions are aimed at IT managers in SMB office environments. We understand that all businesses are different which is reflected in our uniquely designed range of PrintSmart solutions to cater for their varying needs. That’s #printpractical

Our security white paper was developed after a survey* we conducted in 2015, found that 75% of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) felt information security is a key challenge in their organisation. We listened to businesses and created a solution reflecting their requirements. That’s #printsmart.

It was clear to Brother that security has an impact on printing and scanning in businesses and that there’s a clear appetite for user-friendly #printsmart solutions that can ensure sensitive documents are kept confidential.

For more information on International Print Day visit

*The survey questioned 2,500 SMBs and 59% agreed that information security impacts decisions around printing. The figures are taken from Brother SMB Research conducted by B2B International among 2,502 businesses in the UK, France, Germany and USA. The SMBs were questioned about the challenges to their business.

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