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Bring the world closer with Canon’s latest compact, easy-to-use and light weight binoculars

Lehdistötiedote   •   Syys 19, 2019 12:48 EEST

Canon Europe announces the addition of two new products to its range of image stabilised binoculars - the 420g 8x magnification Canon 8X20 IS and the 10x magnification Canon 10X20 IS. These new models are highly portable and feature porro prism optics, a field-flattener lens and Canon’s Super Spectra lens Coating – perfect for getting a clear view when travelling, observing wildlife or at sporting events.

Uniquely positioned as the only manufacturer to offer 11 current models in which all include Image Stabiliser technology, Canon sets a significant benchmark for binocular technology and viewing experience in the market. With magnifications ranging from 8x up to 18x Canon gives a choice of practicality, brightness, build quality and size with the stability and resolution of Canon designed and manufactured optics. 

Designed for comfort, portability and easy handling, these lightweight models are compact enough to fit within a small bag yet give a comfortable grip and balance with a large, tactile focusing wheel and a conveniently placed Image Stabiliser button. The modest size of these models makes them an ideal choice for travel or wildlife enthusiasts looking for a convenient pair of binoculars with which to spot their subject. They also feature rubber eye-pieces for easy adjustment when wearing glasses and a dioptre to suit individual eyesight requirements. 

The Canon 8X20 IS and Canon 10X20 IS feature the same world-famous optics as Canon’s EF camera lens range, drawing upon unique technology that has been developed and refined over decades. The binoculars use a lens-shift optical image stabilisation technique that instantly corrects image shake through the movement of the third element in the optical assembly to provide comfortable observation at high magnification. This increases the effective resolution of the binoculars and prevents eye fatigue as the binoculars compensate for natural shake, body movement and external movement, such as the motion of a bumpy safari ride, allowing clear observations to be made whilst handholding the binoculars. 

The steady view and magnification provided by the Canon 8X20 IS and Canon 10X20 IS also makes identifying small subjects easy, perfect for spotting birds, smaller wildlife or distant planes and trains, even when they are moving. With a closest focusing distance of two meters, both models allow detailed observation of a subject even when it moves significantly closer such as in a wildlife park or enclosed area.

Both models deliver exceptional sharpness and low distortion, extending to the edge of the image, thanks to Canon’s porro prism optics. The binoculars also have a Super Spectra lens coating, which reduces subject ghosting, minimises lens flare and maintains high contrast and natural colours. A field-flattener lens removes the curvature of the field of view, so observers can be sure they are getting a true and natural view of their subject.

Powered by a single CR123A battery located at the rear of the binoculars, both the Canon 8X20 IS and Canon 10X20 IS provide up to 12 hours of image stabilisation with a single button press activating the image stabilisation for a five minutes - making them the perfect choice for those embarking on lengthy outdoor treks or patiently observing wildlife.

New binoculars will start shipping in November and the recommended retail prices are:

  • Canon 8x20 IS, 550 €
  • Canon 10x20 IS, 610 €

Additional information, Product Intelligence Professional Olli Turtiainen,, tel. +358 40 7716226.

Canon is committed to its optics, only ever being used to observe and appreciate wildlife, never to harm it. As such, the technology in these binoculars adheres to Canon’s philosophy of Kyosei, which means ‘living and working together for the common good’. By considering Canon’s optical products, customers can be assured they are supporting a brand which understands the importance of environmental sustainability and seeks to find solutions to protect our future.

Canon Oy kuuluu maailmanlaajuiseen Canon-ryhmään, joka tarjoaa tulostuksen-, dokumentin- sekä informaationhallinnan ratkaisuja yrityksille sekä kuvaamisen ratkaisuja kuluttajille ja ammattilaisille. Graafiselle teollisuudelle Canon toimittaa digitaalisen painamisen ratkaisuja.

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