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Canon announces development of a new 4K projector with enhanced features for user experience and brightness

Lehdistötiedote   •   Helmi 12, 2019 14:00 EET

Canon XEED 4K5020Z

Building on the success of the industry leading XEED 4K5020Z, launched in December 2018, Canon Europe today announces the development of a new 4K laser projector, achieving higher brightness and higher colour reproduction. Anticipated for market release in Q2 2019 and as part of Canon’s commitment to further support systems integrators with creative installations, the next evolution of this 4K projector will offer enhanced display port connectivity.

The new higher brightness, compact 4K LCOS laser projector will utilise Canon’s recently launched chassis. With virtually no integration constraints, the new projector will facilitate easy installation in any 360-degree orientation, whether portrait or landscape. Incorporating a simple spigot lens fitting and compatible with a choice of seven interchangeable Canon lenses, including the new RS-SL07RST 4K lens, and featuring a 1.76x motorised zoom and +/- 73% vertical lens shift with minimal flare and field curvature, the development projector will deliver accurate optics and excellent image reproduction with no distortion or aberration.

With creative installations appearing in increasingly complex and challenging environments, Canon’s growing projector range offers innovative features to minimise the technical requirements of 4K and deliver seamless projection for every scenario. Delivering superior colour brightness, quality and depth, the newly launched XEED 4K5020Z produces incredible 4,096 x 2,160 native 4K resolution, to futureproof projector investments. As a further enhancement to the existing model, the new development projector will be fitted with two display ports for uncompressed 4K 60p 10-bit RGB (4:4:4) video – ideal for use in creative installation, CAD/Design and higher education lecture theatres.

Canon’s dual image engine, as featured in the recently launched XEED 4K5020Z, will offer excellent features for blending, domed projection and creative installations. This soon-to-be launched laser projector will offer virtually maintenance-free operation that can be used 24/7 with improved benefits for operability and experience.

Canon XEED 4K5020Z with RS-SL07RST lens won the Best of Show award from Installation at ISE 2019 last week.

For more information about Canon’s extensive 4K projector line-up, including the XEED 4K5020Z, please visit

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