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Meet our new member: Neutral®

Uutinen   •   Marras 23, 2016 10:00 EET

Meet our new member: Neutral®. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with all manufacturing taking place in India, Neutral® is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel to the B2B-market. Below, CEO Lars Bech explains about their commitment to certified clothing and why they have chosen to join FIBS.

Why did you join and become a member of FIBS and its diversity network?

At Neutral®, we value cooperation and knowledge sharing across sectors and industries. It’s a way for us to get inspired by other sustainable pioneers and tell our own story. Being a member of FIBS gives us a unique opportunity to engage with companies and organisations in Finland, committed to find sustainable solutions to common challenges. Challenges like climate change, resource scarcity and water, soil and air pollution that affect, and connect, us all.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Being okay. As companies, organisations and individuals we need to consider how we affect the world around us and try our best to make a positive impact on people and planet. So when we started Neutral®, it was important for us to find a business model, guaranteeing that everything we do is okay. By being fully committed to certified clothing, manufacturing according to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards in the world, we found our way to make okay clothing. But of course, we can always do better. Sustainability is ever changing. What’s truly sustainable today might not be the case tomorrow. That’s what makes it so fascinating.

How do you see the development of the importance of sustainability in your field?

The textile industry is the most polluting in the world after oil. That’s the reality. If you haven’t already seen The True Cost, I recommend you to watch it the next time you’re on Netflix. This documentary gives a thorough insight into the way most of today’s clothing is made. Fortunately, we have the solutions to do better and turn the textile industry in a more sustainable direction. To give an example, we have just participated in this year’s Textile Exchange conference. A conference bringing together a variety of industry stakeholders committed to push sustainable development and work together on finding new ways to improve. A lot of interesting things are happening out there – it’s truly inspiring!

What are the main points you will be focusing in the coming year and how can FIBS help you in your work?

We have just started working up in Finland, having Kai Ignatius in place as Country Manager who has been in the industry for decades. So for the coming year, we will focus on connecting with as many partners as possible and share our story in Finland. Being a member of FIBS gives us the opportunity to meet likeminded companies and organisations. And through FIBS we hope to take part in raising awareness about sustainability in textiles and learn more about the challenges that other industries are facing with regards to moving on the sustainable development agenda.

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