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Servaali, Delifox Ravintolat, TOL Brands as well as the owner of these companies Captol Invest will operate under a joint name in the future

Lehdistötiedote   •   Tammi 23, 2017 16:08 EET

This year Captol Invest celebrates its 25th year as a running business and changes its name to Momentin Group. The business activities will be centralized under this new name. Servaali International, which imports alcoholic beverages in Finland, Baltic countries and Sweden will become Momentin Import. Restaurant business Delifox Ravintolat will be called Momentin Restaurants and the company’s export and product development department TOL Brand becomes Momentin International Trade. The subholdings of Captol Invest will be administered by Momentin Joint Ventures, among them i.a. the majority owned Brew Seeker Ltd. The name change will be done by the end of the fiscal year, 30th of June 2017.

The new name of the corporation Momentin Group emphasizes the very core of all of its businesses. Momentin Group is not just an importer, a restaurant company or an investor. With our products and services, we are an enabler of moments to treasure. Internally this name change clarifies the whole corporate structure and therefore makes the operation of the corporation more streamlined.

Further information,

Teemu Lehto, CEO
Captol Invest Oy

Captol Invest Ltd is a Finnish-owned corporation which operates in the fields of import and sales of premium alcoholic beverages, Horeca-trade, real estate investments, craft brewing, product development and export operations. The corporation has own business activity in Finland, the Baltic countries and in Sweden. Captol Invest has more than 150 employees and the corporate turnover is expected to exceed 45milj. euros (excluding all taxes) in year 2017.

Servaali International is among the leading importers of alcoholic beverages in Finland and the Baltic markets. The company represents a wide range of quality beers, ciders, wines and spirits as well as soft drinks. In year 2017 the overall sales of Servaali International is estimated to exceed 20 milj. liters. The company operates in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

TOL Brands is in charge of product development, export and sales to Travel Retail at Captol Invest Ltd.

Brew Seeker Ltd imports premium products for specialized customers. The company has several beers i.a. from USA, Britain, Germany and Holland in their product range. In addition, Brew Seeker Ltd has a wide range of quality ciders, whiskies and rums in their portfolio.

Delifox Restaurants Ltd owns ten restaurants in the Helsinki region. Its portfolio includes the famous fish-name restaurants, known for their extensive selection of beers, the classic English pub Black Door, American style Tommyknocker Craft Beer Bar, casual dining restaurant Moms and as the newest addition Oluthuone

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