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Servaali Starts Co-operation With Italy’s Biggest Family Owned Wine Company

Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 31, 2016 17:39 EEST

Servaali starts co-operation with Enoitalia

Starting 1.6. the portfolio of Enoitalia, Italy’s biggest family owned wine house, will be represented by Servaali Oy in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Its most known wine brands are Voga and Si Soave.

During the years Enoitalia has grown its business by investing to innovative product development. Nowadays Enoitalia's portfolio includes wines from almost all quality wine districts of Italy and it is especially known of its distinctive wine bottle designs.

Enoitalia sees the co-operation with Servaali as an interesting opportunity. “We want to grow in all markets and Servaali can offer us a comprehensive solution which enables us to penetrate multiple diverse markets simultaneously. This creates us a good competitive advantage”, said Enoitalia's export manager, Giulia Bettago.

Also Servaali is eager about the up coming co-operation. “We are really happy that Enoitalia understood what we can offer to them. Now when the demand of Italian sparkling wines is steadily growing enables Enoitalia us a magnificent opportunity to expand our portfolio on that side”, explains Michaela Gerbaulet, the product manager at Servaali.

More information:

Servaali Oy
Michaela Gerbaulet, product manager
+358 40 5466 546

Servaali is among the largest private and impartial beverage importers on the Finnish and Baltic markets. Servaali’s product include international premium lager, specialty beers, cider, wines, liqueurs, spirits and soft drinks. Product portfolio consists of global renowned beverage brands as well as local specialties from around the world.

Captol Invest is a Finnish owned corporation specializing in import and sales of premium international beverages in Finland, Sweden and Baltic states, Horeca-trade, real-estate investments, craft brewing and new product development.

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