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Port of Naantali renewed website: - ready, steady and peek!!

Uutinen   •   Syys 20, 2019 17:28 EEST

Ready, steady and peek!

We are trying to serve you better, our renewed website is about to go live!

We are so pleased to announce that our new website will  be launched on Monday, Sept. 23. 2019 afternoon.

Our Marketing partner, Jabadabaduu Ltd. has designed our new website. We want to thank the whole talented team for the great co-operation in this project. 

We have been working with renewed  website last few months. This path has been very interesting and awesome.  

Our aim was to make it very user-friendly for you. 

It´s time to share now what´s has changes:

  • The renewal has been realized via WordPress 
  • New visual  identity

  • As a brand new element - a blog in Finnish and English

In our At Anchor blog, you can read about the daily life at the port and find out more about our current, also international projects, events and people working at the site.

  • User experience focused  

We do hope that you will find our new website useful 

We would love to have your comments about our renewed website, please drop a line with your comments and feed back to 

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