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Predictive maintenance with S/4HANA | SAP Discover Simple 2016

Blogikirjoitus   •   Loka 04, 2016 16:18 EEST

With S/4HANA you do not only get a fast, simplified business process platform. You also get access to new ways of doing analytics. Operational reporting is now possible using business intelligence directly on your source data.

Imagine that you can predict, when you need to do maintenance on your equipment immediately, after you have updated technical information. With S/4HANA and Predictive Analytics that is possible.

As HANA is an appliance that contains predictive capabilities based on open source software, you get access to any kind of datamining on real time data. If you are not an expert in datamining, then SAP provides you with a user friendly approach to use standard models which fits to different scenarios.

You can use regression analysis to see, whether you have some outliers in your data, that you have to react on. Hereby your attention will be driven to, where there is abnormal behavior of your equipment. So instead of using a lot of times to look into traditional reports, you will get an early warning when something maybe is an issue.

Another example could be to use datamining to automatically build a decision tree. By looking into historical data where you have had a failure, the system can based on data build, a tree that shows you the most significant attributes of your data that you have to look into. Then you have a model, which makes it possible to foresee, if this and this happens, then there is a risk of a failure.

With Lumira as frontend, you can do both visual and mathematical datamining. The visual datamining will help you get a fast insight in data regarding your equipment. When you adjust information about your equipment they will immediately be visible in the dashboards.

When you are using HANA, you can even combine SAP data with data from e.g. sensors on the equipment. By building a data model in HANA you define the logical model for each equipment type. Thereby you will get access to data which are not normally a part of your ERP solution. This gives a holistic view of maintenance of your equipment’s.

So with S/4HANA and predictive maintenance you will save cost and reduce down time. With this solution you do not have to be a technical expert in datamining. Instead you can concentrate on understanding your data even better.

This could be your way to start your journey into Internet of Things with S/4HANA.

Jens Andersen

Blog's writer Jens Andersen works as a SAP Senior Customer Solution Architect for Fujitsu.

Fujitsu is one of the event partners in SAP Discover Simple 2016.

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