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Cultures Come Together on World Heart Day 29.9.

Lehdistötiedote   •   Syys 25, 2014 14:58 EEST

Friendship has no need for a common language. Heart Beat Dance infects everyone regardless of language, age and cultural background. It does not matter if you know how to dance, if you’re big or small, alone or in a group – joy is infectious and does you good. Let the music move you and send the rhythm forward to a friend or a stranger. Record your own Heart Beat Dance and share on social networks with #WorldHeartDay #HeartBeatDance and #Neuvokasperhe.

Watch Heart Beat Dance - Suomi Finland

Music for your own video

Heart organizations across the globe raise awareness for heart healthy environments during the World Heart Day 29.9. The environments where we live, work and play can have a huge effect on our ability to make the right choices for our heart health. A heart-healthy environment is a space where people have the opportunity to make the right choices for their health.

The Finnish Heart Association promotes equal opportunities to health, good healthcare and social security regardless of gender, place of residence, social status and ethnic background. This is why the Heart Association encourages intercultural encounters and activities in the heart community. Various local heart societies organize multicultural events during the World Heart Day. The Heart Symbol participates by launching a contest for recipes from different cultures.

Sydänliitto on noin 80 000 jäsenen sydänyhteisö, joka on järjestäytynyt 235 paikalliseen sydänyhdistykseen, 17 alueelliseen sydänpiiriin ja kolmeen valtakunnalliseen järjestöön (Sydänlapset ja -aikuiset ry, Sydän- ja keuhkosiirrokkaat SYKE ry ja Karpatiat ry).

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