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Rovaniemi Midnight Sun
Rovaniemi Midnight Sun

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The undiscovered golden gem

March 7, 2020 Toni Eskelinen

While the winter of Rovaniemi has taken all the attention with its magic, there might be something that has gone unnoticed. What if the Arctic Summer is the undiscovered gem, something magical, yet not found by big crowds. The Nature, the Midnight sun, arctic lifestyle and happy locals after long and exhausting winter. The freedom to roam and to explore everything.

What if the sun never sets?

From May to August nights in Rovaniemi are bright to wander around, do activities. For a month in June and July, the sun doesn't set at all. That's where you could find the undiscovered golden gem. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if its morning already. Staring out from the window, seeing the sun shining and hearing birds singing. Then suddenly realizing it's still 2 am. The sun may give so much energy that you feel about going for a hike and wander the magic of the Arctic. The challenge for the next summer is to be awake through the night, seeing the golden colors, and witnessing the beautiful midnight sun

The land of thousand lakes and thousand saunas 

Did you know that there's so many lakes in Finland that divided to every citizen, everyone would have 26 lakes. Sauna and cabin culture is a unique way we see life in Finland. It's something that has passed on from generation to generation. Summer is the main holiday season in Finland and the time to head out from cities to countryside and cabins close to nature. Time to enjoy the warming sun, to go fishing, hiking or just picking berries. Sitting on a jetty while dipping toes in the water is perfectly ok too. When the day kind of never ends, there is no need to rush either. If you would wish to experience Rovaniemi like locals, Summer should be on your bucket list.

Must dos when in Rovaniemi in the summer

- Meeting Santa Claus is one of the highlights of every visit to Rovaniemi. Summer doesn't make a difference on that, you can meet him every day of the year at the Santa Claus Office. Summer is also a good time to tell your Christmas wishes, to make sure Santa Claus's Elves have enough time to get everything ready before the busiest time of the year.

- Sauna is something you just don't want to miss. Sauna ferry is a unique way to enjoy.

- In Finland, you can pick your berries from the endless forests we have. Moving towards Autumn, mushrooms season starts also!

- Hiking is a must in summer, but how about hiking with huskies?

- Best things while traveling is to get to know local life and culture. In Rovaniemi there is plenty. For example, Arktikum is a science centre and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close.

Become a storyteller of Rovaniemi Summer

We are looking for Summer Ambassadors to spend an unforgettable week here next summer! The challenge is for social media influencers, journalists & new media journalists who want to send their greetings all around the globe from a distant place while taking part in a rare summer adventure under the magnificent Arctic Midnight Sun.



Visit Rovaniemi is the local tourist board of the Rovaniemi region in Lapland, Finland, and will bring you the latest stories and news from the Arctic Circle! Northern people, Arctic phenomena such as Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, Arctic animals, events and of course Santa Claus and Christmas all year round!

Visit Rovaniemi is the city’s Christmas brand guardian. Visit Rovaniemi keeps central throughout its operations the Christmas brand values: authenticity, giving and caring, surprise and innovation as well as constant presence. Read more about the Rovaniemi Christmas brand below.

Download Rovaniemi Christmas Brand brochure as PDF here

Established in 2007, Visit Rovaniemi engages in image marketing, media visits, communications and PR, tourist information and congress marketing (Rovaniemi Congresses). 

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