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Arctic Circle Jukola 2020 Rovaniemi Lapland Finland
Arctic Circle Jukola 2020 Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Arctic Circle Jukola ­– international orienteering festival in nightless night. Rovaniemi

13 June - 14 June

Arctic Circle Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

13th of June – 14th of June 2020 Arctic Circle Jukola ­– international orienteering festival in nightless night. Rovaniemi

Jukola Relay, the largest international orienteering relay competition in the world, organized in Rovaniemi 13.-14.6.2020. Orienteers run next to the Arctic Circle. Arctic Circle Jukola, or Napapiiri Jukola in Finnish, is also the name of the competition.

The competition centre is in the trotting-track of Mäntyvaara, approximately 8,5 kilometres from Rovaniemi city centre. Jukola Relay gathers 18000 competitors and orienteering enthusiasts and brings approximately 45000 people to Rovaniemi.

Jukola orienteering relay competition with seven legs is for teams from orienteering clubs and other associations. Nowadays the major of participants is from company and hobby teams. Top athletes and orienteering enthusiasts are seeking control points in the forest at the same time. This is one of the best parts of Jukola Relay traditions. Even finishing the leg successfully may be a challenge for many participants, so Jukola Relay provides various experiences.

Many Finns love nature, especially forests. This relation is very important also in Jukola Relay. Jukola Relay has long history. The very first competition was in 1949.

Jukola Relay start is late night. The nightless night and midnight sun in Rovaniemi and Lapland offers memorable experience for orienteers all over the world. Jukola Relay has 1800 teams with seven legs. Earlier, during the daytime, there is Venla Relay, an orienteering relay competition with four legs for women´s teams from orienteering clubs and other associations. Venla Relay has 1400 teams.

Even though Jukola Relay has developed during decades from smaller competition to huge festival of orienteering people, there are still many things same like in the first years: Many competitors still sleep in tents and eat meals outside. Many families come to Jukola every year.

Arctic Circle Jukola is organized by Ounasvaaran Hiihtoseura cooperation with Rovaniemi city. Successful competition demands 1700 voluntary workers. The place of Jukola Relays changes every year, from east to west and south to north in Finland. Previous time Jukola Relay was in Rovaniemi in 1980.

Both Jukola Relay and Venla Relay will be broadcasted directly in TV and internet.

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