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Flowrox Launches a New Product Line of Smart Products and Services

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2015 13:28 GMT



Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve and pump manufacturing and services, is bringing the new industrial revolution to various industries the company currently serves.

Flowrox Smart products and services will be dedicated to increasing productivity with Optimization and Online Predictivity through automation and connectivity to help its clients to garner the full potential of Flowrox products as well as those from other manufacturers.

Flowrox Smart Series products will be equipped with intelligent solutions, a transformation currently underway that will ensure connectivity via the Internet, allowing the consistent monitoring of Flowrox products and systems to maximize production uptime, reduce unplanned downtime and help guarantee spare part availability exactly when they are required.

Currently, the Flowrox scaling watch already incorporates connectivity to the Internet, including both intelligence and the ability to be connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—a term coined to communicate how the interconnectivity of devices to an Internet network can bring added versatility and performance.

Flowrox Smart Series builds on Flowrox’s ultimate total cost of ownership and reliability, which are trademarks of its leadership in industries such as Oil & Gas, metallurgy, mining and minerals, among others.

The embedding of Flowrox products with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity enables the user to collect and exchange data within the company and in some cases directly with Flowrox.

Initially, Flowrox will begin marketing its Smart Series of valves, which includes a smart sleeve, and intelligent positioners with enhanced reporting and wear analysis. Smart valve will signal the operator if it is heading toward failure long before it actually fails. Smart pumps will be available later on 2016 with similar features and innovative add-ons.

The Smart Series will also feature the Flowrox Malibu Platform, which will provide its users a visual interface so they can track valve, pump or instrument operational parameters—including the early warning of upset conditions and product failures or reports on a product experiencing deterioration from normal wear and tear.

Through a unique Internet-based interface that allows users to view process performance, flow rates, pressures and a variety of variables through an Internet connection, Flowrox will meet the demand for better data for decision-making, as well as giving users more control over its products.

Flowrox is committed to continuous improvement and infusing the industries it serves with innovation that can help its users become leaders in their respective industries.

The entire organization will be working to insure they meet growth and profitability targets and Flowrox believes in the implementation of technology to enhance the way Flowrox employees deliver value to customers around the globe.

Flowrox’s influence will grow using new communication channels, since connecting in the digital environment has become paramount in industrial marketing and business development efforts.

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Kalevi Kettunen
Director, Smart Solutions

+358 505 699 073

Flowrox is known for its reliable flow control solutions for demanding process conditions. Product portfolio includes heavy duty industrial valves and pumps, flow control automation solutions and comprehensive after-sales services. Flowrox is headquarted in Lappeenranta, Finland and it has subsidiaries in Linthicum (Maryland USA), Sydney (Australia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Moscow (Russia) and Shanghai (China) and strong global sales network.

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