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​Damixa launches new product range for internal fitting

Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2017 06:00 GMT

"When the thermostat is built into the wall, more emphasis is put on the design of the external parts. The visual expression changes and becomes more simplistic. In a sense, the product design comes more to life", says Danish designer Lars Osterhaab.

Damixa - a leading manufacturer of mixers, taps and shower systems - expands its product range in Germany and the Netherlands with Damixa Concealed, a new range of products developed and designed specifically for the growing market for kitchens and bathrooms with built-in taps and shower systems.

- I am extremely pleased to announce that consumers and professionals in our international markets now have the option of choosing award winning Danish design and superb quality when looking for built-in solutions, says Ole Sander, CEO of Damixa and FM Mattsson Mora Group Denmark.

Ole Sander explains that the new product range has been developed and manufactured in strict adherence to Damixa's rigorous design and quality requirements:

- Every component for the exposed parts is manufactured entirely without use of plastic. We only use brass of the highest quality for base, spout, cover plate and handles and on top a thick, robust chrome coating.

The Concealed products are developed and co-designed by Lars Lindegaard Osterhaab, Development and Sourcing Manager at Damixa. All internal parts to be built into walls have been developed with equal attention to quality and the needs of professionals and consumers alike.

- When the cartridge or thermostat is built into the wall, more emphasis is put on the design of the external parts. The visual expression changes and becomes more simplistic, more basic. In a sense, the product design comes even more to life, Lars Osterhaab explains, and continues:

- The internal housing for the cartridge or thermostat, the Thermixa box, only requires a minimum depth of 75 mm. This makes for an easy fit in practically any wall in Germany and the Netherlands, where the national standard walls are between 80 and 100 mm thick.

In the concealed family, Damixa offers built-in solutions including the design series Hilina, Pine, Bell and Eliza for shower systems and Merkur for bathroom sinks.

The range offer a set of unique features to enhance comfort and safety:

  • RUB CLEAN for easy removal of limescale from shower head
  • Temperature limiter to avoid scalding
  • Multiple settings on shower head
  • ECO SAVE for reduced water consumption without sacrificing comfort (Merkur tap)
  • COLD START for reduced water and energy consumption (Merkur tap)

The internal Thermixa box is colored bright orange to signify Damixa quality and match Damixa packaging.

The Swedish industry jewel FM Mattsson Mora Group is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of mixer taps. For 150 years we have developed manufactured and marketed faucets and mixers under the strong, established brand names FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur.

In 2014 FM Mattsson Mora Group acquired Danish Damixa. Damixa was founded in 1932 and still manufactures Danish designed taps at the factory in Odense. The company is the leader in the Danish market for mixer taps and covers most household and public building requirements.

Scandinavia is the company's primary market. FM Mattsson Mora Group realised a 2016 turnover of more than 1 billion SEK and employs approx.550. The activities as well as the head office are centred in Mora, Sweden.

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