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Sightseeing information via Fukushima Tekuteku.

Blog post   •   May 14, 2014 08:30 UTC

Hello! I am Yutaka Suzuki from the Public Relations Division. I’d like to introduce sightseeing information via Fukushima Tekuteku. Here is the link for the website and videos.

This week’s video features Yanaizu district. Yanaizu is famous for a seasonal pastry, Awamanju (a traditional bun stuffed with red bean paste ), our famous hot spring, Fukumankokuzouson-enzouji temple and Akabeko (red cow). Awamaju represents rich food culture passed through by locals. It is located in Aizu area where our famous Tsurugajo casle was built.

Fukushima Tekuteku will continue to share sightseeing information and historical knowledge of Fukushima with local people.
Previous videos introduce Miyako Soba (traditional noodle) from Kitakata city and traditional handicrafts from Souma City.

Install Windows Media Player to check these videos out.