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“Our Aim: Zero Plastic”. ​The Vital Speisehaus at the Goetheanum is switching to china

Press release   •   Apr 05, 2019 20:44 CEST

Coffee cup made of china (Photo: Lucas Didden)

Goetheanum, Dornach, 6th April 2019

Our Aim: Zero Plastic
The Vital Speisehaus at the Goetheanum is switching to china

The Speisehaus at the Goetheanum is a pioneer in offering organic and biodynamic quality vegetarian wholefoods. For conferences it is now replacing supplies of cups made of paper and plastic with china.

At the annual conference of the biodynamic movement in February, the Speisehaus used cups made of recyclable plastic instead of paper cups for the approximately 800 participants for the first time. After this initial trial run, the Vital Speisehaus is going a step further. In future up to 1,800 china cups will be provided for catering for the guests. Glasses will also be purchased for desserts. Lucas Didden, member of the management team, stated: “Our aim is to become plastic-free.”

Ueli Hurter, who is responsible for the Goetheanum subsidiary for the Goetheanum Leadership, added: “Beyond the ecological balance sheet we have a more far-reaching demand for sustainability. For example, we want to offer good Demeter coffee in a high-quality container.”

The beans come from the coffee makers in Münchenstein, Switzerland. They are partners with a Demeter farm in Marcala, Honduras, who have established an area of two hectares there especially for the Goetheanum. Ueli Hurter continued: “We are in direct contact with the coffee producers – as per the motto ‘Global but not anonymous’.” To allow the quality of the coffee to develop its full taste, at smaller conferences it is freshly prepared for each guest using an automatic coffee machine.

Further measures to improve the ecological balance sheet – in terms of active quality management – are being planned.

The Vital Speisehaus with 50 employees runs the Vollwertrestaurant, the cafeteria, the bakery and the catering business for conferences at the Goetheanum. There is also an organic food shop and a boutique.

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Contact persons
Lucas Didden, Tel. +41 61 706 85 10,
Ueli Hurter, Tel. +41 61 706 42 12,

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