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Bigger, Faster And Better: New 16GB CompactFlash Card From Sony

Δελτίο τύπου   •   Σεπ 22, 2008 16:42 EEST

Sony Recording Energy & Media (RME) has launched its highest capacity 300x CompactFlash® card to date. The new card offers a substantial 16GB of storage and the speed necessary to meet the requirements of the most demanding photographer.

The card supports UDMA (ultra direct memory access), allowing it to achieve data transfer rates of 45MB/second during write operation. This makes it the perfect partner for UDMA-enabled cameras such as Sony’s α DSLR range, letting you to record more frames per second in continuous shooting mode.

The advantages of the additional capacity are immediately apparent: up to 3,608 10 Megapixel pictures; 2,465 12 Megapixel pictures in Fine mode[1]. Rigorous manufacturing quality control means peace of mind for photographers, and the card is backed by a 5 year warranty underlining the care with which it has been produced. On any occasion when you do need to recover unreadable or unintentionally deleted images, the Sony Image Recovery service is available to ensure that you get your pictures back.

The addition of a 16GB card completes the current line-up of high-speed 300x UDMA CompactFlash cards available from Sony designed for high quality DSLR cameras.

1 The actual number of images will depend on the camera, object and other parameters.