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Thomas Nylund, Honorary Doctor of Technology in Science at the University of Gävle 2018

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2018 08:00 GMT

Thomas Nylund is CEO for Gästrike återvinnare as well as for the subsidiary G Å Utveckling AB. In 1986, he was awarded his degree of Master of Science in Engineering in land surveying from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, and since then he has held a number of leading positions and assignments within the public sector.


Nylund’s efforts have been vital in the long and deep collaboration between Gästrike återvinnare and the University of Gävle. Gästrike återvinnare has been praised and gained renown for its work to prevent waste, promote re-use and optimise recycling. They are a very important partner for the University in its mission to become leading within education and research for a sustainable living environment.

Maivor Hallén och Thomas Nylund

Gästrike återvinnare has since the start of our Cooperative education project in 2011 participated within the environmental engineering and the environmental strategist programmes, and, during this time, Gästrike återvinnare has employed the largest number of students after graduation. Gästrike återvinnare exports Swedish environmental knowledge internationally and has in this context not only worked with the University but also marketed this collaboration. Consequently, by for example arranging a number of international visits, Gästrike återvinnare has contributed to increased internationalisation of the University’s activities.

For almost a decade, Nylund, as a member of the board of the foundation Gästrikeregionens Miljö, has initiated and supported the participation of the foundation in a number of different research project at the University. Every year, the foundation also awards grants to students at the University. Nylund has in addition contributed to the fact that Gästrike återvinnare Utveckling AB participates with the University in funding a PhD student within biogas.

Thus, for a long period of time, Nylund has been very much involved in, and a strong driving force, in the development of the University. Since 2016, he is a member and deputy chair of the University Board.

The University of Gävle will confer this honorary doctorate at the Academic ceremony 20 April.

For more information, please contact:
Tommy Löfgren, Head of Communications at the University of Gävle
Phone: 026-64 89 42, 073-642 85 49

Text: Douglas Öhrbom
Foto: Anna Sällberg

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