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A Velvet Affair

News   •   Feb 23, 2014 08:33 GMT

Sunset is always a bewitching time, as the sky shows off its gorgeous golden palette. Velvet, on the rooftop of Beachwalk, overlooking Kuta Beach is the perfect venue to bid farewell to the day and welcoming the night.

Restaurant and lounge by day and world class pumping club by night Velvet’s twin identities blend seamlessly, thanks partly to the solid in-house staff that amaze us with their creative food and beverage inventions. We choose to sit indoors, avoiding the crazy wind that has been plaguing Bali for the last few weeks, and find a dark, stylish interior consisting of comfortable leather seating and velvet armchairs which make a comfortable way to start the night. From my seat, I can see the stage where many international DJs have performed under the round cupola. A friendly waiter offers a long and enticing list of their newest drinks but I eventually end up asking him for his suggestion. He comes back with a small wooden tray baring a Buddha head aromatherapy candle holder and an Old Fashioned. “It’s nothing fancy, but is a classic cocktail with the aroma of mint to enhance your drinking experience,” he explains. Well, it certainly works for me.

Created by Head Chef Mukti, who is experienced in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, it comes with no surprise that the comprehensive international menu is a rich fusion of those popular cuisines. Salmon Terrine with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Fresh Salad is a delightful appetiser, light and refreshing. For the main course, I have the Seared Salmon with Mashed Potato, Salad and Vinaigrette Sauce, while my friend is happily tearing away the hearty Chicken Cordon Blue with Sauteed Potato, Creamy Spinach and Roasted Tomato. A special mention needs to be made of the delicious creamy spinach. The night is thoroughly dark when our Creme Brulee with Home Made Biscuit is served with the Banana Yummy milkshake that my friend seriously loves. The Creme Brulee is perfectly caramelised on top, successfully producing that satisfying crunch when I tap it with my spoon. We talk for quite a while there, when suddenly we realize that the casually dressed sunset crowd has been replaced with a much more formally attired dinner crowd. Soon, the DJ will man the deck. After all, the night is still long. Eve

VH Velvet @ Beachwalk Rooftop, 3rd floor | Jl. Pantai Kuta Badung | P +62 361 846 4988 | Open 11am - 12pm

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