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Machinima Storyteller: When TV meets Videogames

Press Release   •   Sep 24, 2014 11:43 GMT

Portugal, September 24th 2014 - beActive will be presenting Machinima Storyteller, its brand new platform for real-time 3D animation production, at the next MIPCOM, event to be held on October 14th, 11am, at Palais de Festivals in Cannes. At its core, Machinima Storyteller is a platform that allows filmmakers to create high-end 3D CGI animated content. By using a videogame 3D engine to generate real-time animated sequences, this platform employs videogame techniques to create professional TV and Digital animated content.

The biggest advantages of the platform are its real-time approach that generates 3D animated sequences instantly, allowing directors to change scenes in seconds and eliminating the need of long render sessions. On the financial side, production companies can use the 3D assets (characters, objects, backgrounds) for both the game and the animated series or film reducing production costs and increase economies of the scale. Animation companies can now incorporate videogame production in their animation production workflows with little effort and change. Depending on the complexity of the project, 60% to 80% of the videogame code will be generated inside the Machinima Storyteller, drastically reducing the costs of videogame development and production.

To overcome some of the limitations of user-generated machinima-based videos that flooded YouTube in the last few years, the Machinima Storyteller uses Artificial Intelligence to improve character emotions and make animated sequences more appealing to the audience. The Machinima Storyteller also uses virtual storytelling techniques to ease the creation of the narrative and facilitate the transformation of the non-interactive story into an interactive experience, meaning it can also be played as a game.

beActive’s CEO Nuno Bernardo, Emmy-nominated writer-producer, will present this new platform and showcase one of its first productions: COLLIDER 2017. This is the first animated Web series and videogame created using the Machinima Storyteller technology. COLLIDER 2017 is a dystopia set in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. It will be extended by a tablet based survival game and an animated Web series. The Machinima Storyteller platform was developed using the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

About  beActive

beActive is an award winning TV, Film and Digital Studio with more than a decade of experience in story and format development, international co-productions, licensing and distribution of entertainment contents across multiple platforms. Over the last years, beActive has been successfully exploring ancillary platforms and building awareness of its own entertainment brands. For beActive engaging audiences is about creating persuasive, interactive experiences, which drive viewers to a deeper connection with the content and characters, at any time and place, making them feel part of the show.

beActive’s TV and film projects include worldwide teen success “Sofia’s Diary” for Sony Pictures Television, HBO prime-time series “The Line” and “Living in your Car”, UK film co-production “The Knot”, featuring Mena Suvari and Noel Clarke, as well as EMMY nominated productions “Final Punishment”, “Beat Girl” and “Collider”. On the non-scripted side, beActive produced “Beat Generation”, a documentary about urban culture, “The Club”, a 6-part sports TV documentary series about a female Gaelic football team, “350 South”, a multiplatform documentary about cycling and TV factual series “Yes I Can” and “Farmer’s Market” for Fox International.

beActive is an award winning and EMMY-nominated TV, Film and Digital studio with a decade of experience in Film and TV production, international co-production, licensing and distribution of entertainment content across a multitude of platforms. The company has offices in Lisbon, London and Dublin and joint ventures with production companies in Canada and Brazil.