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Discover highest ever HDV picture quality: HANDYCAM® FX1000 debuts premium Sony G Lens™

Comunicato stampa   •   set 10, 2008 08:00 CEST

  • HDV 1080i recording with new 25p progressive scan mode
  • Exclusive Sony high-performance G Lens™ with 29.5mm wide angle and 20x optical zoom offers superb clarity and sharpness
  • 1/3” 3 ClearVid CMOS sensor with Exmor™ derived technology for excellent low-light sensitivity
  • Photo-realistic 3.2-type Xtra Fine LCD for detailed, high contrast framing and shot review
  • CinemaTone Gamma™ and CinemaTone Colour™ for rich, filmic tones
  • Optical SteadyShot for clearer handheld shooting
  • Advanced manual features with triple focus, zoom & iris rings

10th September 2008 - Dedicated video enthusiasts can enjoy absolute creative control over capturing pristine HDV 1080i images on HDV tape with the new Handycam® HDR-FX1000E.

Drawing on nearly 30 years of Sony heritage in developing high-performance broadcast cameras, the FX1000E teams superb ergonomics and reliability with best-ever HDV picture quality.

Advanced manual features and latest-generation Sony imaging innovation give videographers an unprecedented palette of artistic options at a real-world price that’s within reach of dedicated amateurs.

At the heart of the FX1000E is a 1/3 type 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor with a large cell size that offers superior sensitivity and dynamic range. Exmor™ derived technology further improves imaging performance in low-light and high contrast scenes, reducing image noise for professional-quality results.

Developed specially for the FX1000, a new Sony G Lens™ delivers exceptional optical performance, allowing video enthusiasts to express their full creative vision. This sophisticated lens features a unique Sony optical design concept and quality control. Moreover, it’s optimised to complement the advanced image sensor and image-processing technology, thus expanding your shooting possibilities.

An extended wide-angle performance of 29.5mm (35mm equivalent) dramatically extends compositional options for dynamic landscapes and indoor shooting where distance to the sbject is limited. The 20x optical zoom range can be boosted digitally by a factor of approximately 1.5x for powerful close-ups with the Digital Extender.

Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimise colour fringing. The advanced 10-group, 15-element lens structure also features compound aspheric lenses for crisp, clear images even when shooting at high zoom ratios.

Complementing the high sensitivity of the 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor, the superb light-gathering power of the G series lens delivers an exceptional low-light sensitivity of 1.5 lux (at 1/25 fixed shutter speed with auto iris and auto gain). Video and stills shooting in available light is enhanced further by Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation for clearer results when you’re shooting handheld.

New to Handycam®, 25p progressive scanning mode captures lush, cinematic HD images as an alternative to interlaced (50i) recording. Signals scanned at 25p are converted to 50i before recording on tape. This allows progressive-scan images to be viewed and edited seamlessly in an existing HDV environment. ‘Filmic’ quality of progressive scan images can be enhanced by new CinemaTone.

With a resolution (921k dots) four times higher than Clear Photo LCD technology, the high-contrast 3.2-type Xtra Fine LCD allows critical evaluation of photo-realistic video images. It’s complemented by a 0.45-type Xtra Fine electronic viewfinder.

Augmenting its remarkable imaging performance, the FX1000E provides video enthusiasts with manual user adjustment over a wide range of functions.

Independent zoom and focus rings are joined by a new iris ring for precise, intuitive manual control over your composition. Selectable exposure/iris control allows precise adjustment of the amount of light entering the lens: by adjusting Exposure Brightness the image is adjusted in accordance with the Iris and Gain settings while shutter speed remains locked. In addition, shutter speed and gain are both separately adjustable.

Dedicated controls are provided for gain, white balance and shutter speed. There’s also a focus switch for quick, positive mode selection and three switchable ND filters.

Other manual features include Shot Transition and Picture Profile. The camcorder’s superb ergonomics are complemented further by three assignable buttons that put frequently-used functions within convenient fingertip reach for instant recall.

An extensive choice of compatible accessories by Sony is joined by the new VCL HG0872X high-grade wide conversion lens that provides an effective focal length of 23.6mm. Also available as an option, the SH L32W LCD hood gives improved visibility of the 3.2-type LCD in bright shooting conditions. The new LCS-VCC is a high-capacity soft carry case with plenty of accessory space.

The Handycam® HDR-FX1000E HDV camcorder will be available from October 2008.

Environmental Info

Sony is engaged in a constant review of its manufacturing, operational and business practices to ensure that its products are developed in an environmentally responsible way. This approach can broadly be divided into three areas:


  • Halogenated materials can pose a risk to the environment if disposed of improperly. To minimize this risk, halogen-free flame retardants are used for certain printed circuit boards.


  • The extended user manual is provided electronically on CD-ROM to reduce paper use.
  • Product packaging is made from 100% recycled paper to reduce the impact on the environment. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) – free vegetable oil based ink is used to print the carton.

PLANET: Sony is determined to lead the way as a responsible manufacturer, and as a result we are focussing on three key areas of investment:

  1. Reducing CO2 gas emissions
  2. Increasing the percentage of renewable energy used in manufacturing facilities
  3. Minimising the resources used by our factories in manufacturing