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LeadDesk r49 plus LeadApps for data entry quality and voice analysis

News   •   Sep 30, 2014 06:09 GMT

LeadDesk Software Release 49 goes live on October 3rd, 2014. The release includes minor fixes and development that enables various LeadApps that you can find under your LeadApps tab.

Highlights in release 49:

  • Admin > General Settings: New Chat tab. If you have the Chat LeadApp you can now access this tab and enable/disable chat between agents
  • Admin > Remote Listener: New ability to sort agents by campaign (requires Remote Listener to be enabled). We have many large contact centers using the new Remote Listener with Live Whisper. This ability to more easily navigate and select from vast numbers of agents will be included in Remote Listener 1.08, ready for download on 8.10
  • Minor fixes to call result behavior, amongst others

There are many new LeadApps coming to the store. Editor's choice:

Tags: Our admins at massive multi-site contact centers want to be able to reassign hundreds of agents instantly without hundreds of clicks. The new tagging feature enables this via tagging of e.g. Agents, Campaigns, Products and Call Lists. You can define behavior so that, for instance, only agents with a specific tag can access a campaign with a matching tag. This means you can change mass campaign assignments just by changing one campaign tag. There are also many possibilities for advanced business unit management and related reporting.

Contact Card Data Validation: We created a field-checking tool for a law enforcement agency and we are now able to roll this out on a market-by-market basis. This can include more simple checks on agent data entry quality up to more advanced third party database integrations to verify postal codes, email addresses etc.

Voice tools of the future

We have some fascinating pilot projects going on. Sniper for LeadDesk analyzes voice recordings and historical data and matches agents with leads. This is an area with great potential for optimizing the sales process and getting the right agents on the right calls. Look out for Sniper and our new Voice Receipt QA Tool in the LeadApps marketplace soon.

New Manager user level and custom View Permissions in testing

In addition to Agents, Team Leaders and Admins, you will soon be able to create Managers. What’s so special about them? Well, you will be able to define what parts of LeadDesk they can see and access. For example, in a few clicks you can set up a Manager user that can only see and use the Reports tab.

This new custom View Permissions feature will also be available for you to apply to agents and team leaders. There are many useful possibilities. Testing is underway now with planned implementation in the next release cycle.

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