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LeadDesk r48 and new LeadApps, including free Favorite Reports

News   •   Sep 19, 2014 10:00 GMT

In the new LeadApps tab under Admin > General Settings:

  •   Over ten new apps last week from LeadDesk and our partners
  •   Scrive E-sign for LeadDesk puts world-class e-signing in your order workflow
  •   Freespee for LeadDesk enables caller online tracking
  •   Favorite Reports is available now – free! Click to activate Favorite Reports now

If you have any questions about LeadApps or requests, please get in touch.

Highlights in release 48:

  •  Admin > Contacts: call list database headers are now stored and remembered during import routines
  •  Admin > Contacts: separate calling times can now be defined for mobile phones and landlines during import (market restrictions may apply)
  •  Admin > Campaigns: all call results can now be edited in the campaign editor
  •  Admin > General Settings: all global call ending reasons are now fully editable
  •  Web API: call list import now supported
  •  Plus minor fixes for specific usage scenarios to caller IDs, contact card other info fields, data handling, and sipML call recording
  •  LeadDesk Button is also being updated to r20 with support for renewed call results, and faster login, with improved log in performance with slow connections and underpowered PCs. An “initializing call” status notification is also now clearly displayed at the start of dialing

Compliant e-signing on any device

Scrive E-Sign for LeadDesk is a new arrival under your LeadApps tab. E-signing shortens the transaction process and eliminates deals “lost in the post.” We are seeing rapid adoption of e-signing in Norway and Sweden to meet compliance needs. Scrive is the market leader and an excellent opportunity for LeadDesk customers.

Follow your customer’s online journey

Our friends at Freespee have a great tool that enables you to track your customers’ online behavior – while you are on the phone. Freespee uses unique numbers in your online marketing. You can view the online journey of inbound callers from within LeadDesk, improve your customer insight and close deals faster.

Log in to LeadDesk and find out more about Scrive and Freespee – and activate Favorite Reports now – under your LeadApps tab.

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