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Scrive E-Sign for LeadDesk brings compliant e-signing to phone sales

Press Release   •   Sep 10, 2014 09:56 GMT

Scrive E-Sign for LeadDesk brings seamless and compliant e-signing to major contact centers across Europe.

The cooperation between LeadDesk and Scrive brings together market leaders in the Nordic region serving outbound sales organizations with advanced sales acceleration software.

The days of phone sales agents dispatching written agreements by post are over. In finance and healthcare, sales regulations previously required Norwegian sales agents to post an agreement and wait for a signed response. During this process up to 50% of deals are lost. Scrive’s market leading e-signing solution enables sales agents to process agreements digitally while on the call – customers are able to e-sign with any device – and agents are able to massively increase conversion rates.

In legal terms Scrive creates the highest quality digital evidence of a transaction that is fully compliant with the tough legislative demands that govern e.g. financial, healthcare and employment agreements in countries such as Norway and Sweden.

The cooperation between LeadDesk and Scrive means that Scrive is now available as a LeadApp integrated into LeadDesk Software. LeadDesk customers are now able to deploy best-in-class e-signing to augment LeadDesk’s powerful telesales management, contacts services and operator services offering.

LeadDesk CEO, Olli Nokso-Koivisto, says: “It is easy to see why sales agents love Scrive. It is an elegant solution and integrates very well into the LeadDesk agent workflow.”

“The integration of Scrive E-sign into LeadDesk makes a lot of sense. Now a large call center can get started with e-signing with virtually no effort,” says Lukas Duczko, CEO of Scrive. “The LeadDesk app market approach is a smart way to make great features easily accessible to customers, we are excited about this partnership.”

Nokso-Koivisto adds: “Scrive is a tool that can transform the business of sales teams in the finance and healthcare sectors. There is great demand from our customer base for e-signing, particularly in Norway and Sweden, and we expect e-signing to be a growth trend in our sales acceleration industry.”

Further inquiries:

Lukas Duczko, CEO, Scrive (lukas (a)

Olli Nokso-Koivisto, CEO, LeadDesk (olli.nokso-koivisto (a)

LeadDesk general inquiries: +358 9 42891826


Scrive develops a cloud service for customer onboarding by e-signing of documents. The solution serves all use cases in all sales channels such as in-store, online and phone sales. The output is exceptionally high quality digital contracts that are useful as evidence independently of Scrive or any other third party. Scrive has customers in 16 countries including telecom operators, banks, law firms, staffing agencies and more.

About LeadDesk

LeadDesk is the rapid growth Finnish company that makes Europe’s #1 contact center software. The service is used by 5,000 agents in 10 countries to make over 2 million calls per week. LeadDesk customers cover diverse industry verticals, including finance, media, healthcare, publishing and energy. LeadDesk Software for agents and admins is augmented by the integrated LeadApps ecosystem, low cost operator services, low cost contacts lists services, developer API, CRM system integration, and advanced multi-site monitoring and reporting. LeadDesk is cloud-based and highly scalable. Sales organizations choose LeadDesk because they close more, have no downtime, no start-up costs, and lower OPEX.

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