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​Lars Appelqvist appointed vice president of FoodDrinkEurope

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​Lars Appelqvist appointed vice president of FoodDrinkEurope

A unanimous board has appointed Lars Appelqvist, CEO of Löfbergs and chairman of The Swedish Food Federation, vice president of the European interbranch organisation FoodDrinkEurope. FoodDrinkEurope represents the industry at an EU level in order to create good terms for all European food companies.

- It is incredibly honouring and exciting to be entrusted with this responsibility. It also reflects well on the Swedish food industry and our reputation in the rest of Europe, says Lars Appelqvist.

Just this February, Lars Appelqvist was elected to the board of FoodDrinkEurope. As vice president he will represent the European food industry at high-level meetings together with FoodDrinkEurope’s president, Marco Settembri.

FoodDrinkEurope consists of 74 members, of which 25 are national interbranch organisations. The rest are specialist interbranch organisations within coffee, dairy, brewery, meat and plant-based food or the largest companies of the European food industry, which can become members on their own.



The coffee roaster Löfbergs is a Swedish Family Business founded in 1906. We are 350 coffee lovers operating in Northern Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends and sustainability. We have a turnover of SEK 1.9 billion and is one of the world's largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade-labeled coffee. Löfbergs is a part of the Löfbergs group who also owns the brands Green Cup, Kobbs, Percol, Peter Larsen Kaffe and SuperBonobo. Website

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