​Löfbergs's Anna Nordström is truly one in a hundred

Press Releases   •   Nov 09, 2017 08:40 GMT

Those who manage to gather 100 points within the most esteemed education system in the coffee business are few. Anna Nordström at the coffee roaster Löfbergs is now one of them. And she has the piece of paper to show for it in her office in Karlstad, Sweden: a unique diploma from The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).


​Löfbergs establishes itself in Canada

Press Releases   •   Sep 12, 2017 06:01 GMT

Löfbergs continues to grow outside Sweden's borders. The family-owned coffee roaster is now taking the step into the North American market and forms a subsidiary in Canada.


​Löfbergs opts for environmentally friendly plastic

Press Releases   •   Aug 31, 2017 06:11 GMT

Löfbergs was the first to remove aluminium from the coffee packaging in Sweden in 1993. The company now wants to replace the oil-based plastic with a plant-based alternative. The family-owned coffee roaster is therefore trying a new packaging mainly made of sugar canes. If the tests are successful, Löfbergs hopes to be able to replace all fossil plastic in their packaging by 2020.


Löfbergs panostaa ympäristöystävälliseen muoviin

Press Releases   •   Aug 31, 2017 06:00 GMT

1993 Löfbergs oli ensimmäinen, joka poisti alumiinin kahvipakkauksista. Nyt halutaan korvata öljypohjainen muovi kasvipohjaisella vaihtoehdolla. Siksi perheomisteinen kahvipaahtimo testaa pakkausta, joka suurimmaksi osaksi on valmistettu sokeriruo´osta. Jos kokeet onnistuvat, niin Löfbergs toivoo korvaavansa kaiken fossiilisen muovin pakkauksissa vuoteen 2020 mennessä.


​Bringing out a new generation of coffee farmers

Press Releases   •   Mar 07, 2017 08:59 GMT

The world's coffee farmers are getting older and older. At the same time, fewer young people see a future in coffee. That makes one of the greatest challenges of the business is to get more young women & men to grow coffee. The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs takes this as a starting point in an investment that will improve the conditions and the development opportunities for young coffee farmers.


​Löfbergs first with new climate-smart hybrid

Press Releases   •   Feb 14, 2017 16:00 GMT

It is strong as an elephant, quiet as a mouse, and it reduces carbon emissions with up to 92 per cent. Scania's new hybrid made its first appearance in Sweden today. The maiden journey took place in Karlstad, where it transports coffee between Löfbergs's roasting house in central Karlstad and the new warehouse in Välsviken.


Sustainability Report 2015/2016

News   •   Jan 13, 2017 10:22 GMT

More certified coffee, reduced energy consumption, increased gender equality. That's a way to summarize the sustainability development 2015/2016 for the Löfbergs Group. Of course, much more happened, this you read about in our new sustainability report.


Löfbergs can win global food innovation award

Press Releases   •   Sep 20, 2016 07:00 GMT

The coffee roaster Löfberg´s ready to drink concept ICE and their plant based Nespresso® compatible capsules have been selected to be a part of the SIAL Innovation Selection 2016 - the world's largest food innovation exhibition.


The world needs innovative solutions - not more coffee capsules in aluminium and plastic

Press Releases   •   Sep 08, 2016 05:00 GMT

Consumers in Sweden will in a few days meet a new product on the shop shelves: Löfbergs's new plant-based coffee capsule that can be used in the Nespresso® system and thrown away together with food waste. And that naturally contains really good, selected certified coffee.


Löfbergs’ Anna Nordström is Sweden's first Sensory Professional in coffee

Press Releases   •   Aug 31, 2016 08:00 GMT

Anna Nordström, specialty coffee manager at Löfbergs, is now the first trainer in Sweden in coffee sensory as she recently was authorized as Sensory Professional by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

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Löfbergs is one of the largest family-owned coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. The company has 300 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.8 billion. The head office is situated in Karlstad, Sweden and the company has its own roasting-houses in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Latvia. The company was founded in 1906 and is today one of the world's largest importers of ecological and Fairtrade labelled coffee. Löfbergs also owns the tea brand Kobbs.