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​This video shows how easy you move items in M3 through Merit Portal Supply Chain

News   •   Feb 14, 2017 15:05 GMT

With Merit Portal Supply Chain it is very easy for you to manage your items. This means an opportunity for you to save time and money, apart from contributing to making sure your M3 data always reflects the actual inventory.

Watch this video to see how you with just a few clicks moves an item in M3:

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    Thanks for sharing please so sharing

    - priya misra - Jul 10, 2017 04:09 GMT

    i really appreciate the content of this website

    - naveen sharma - Aug 17, 2017 05:06 GMT

    great stuff

    - nicksharma - Aug 17, 2017 05:08 GMT

    amazing stuff

    - aashi atri - Aug 17, 2017 05:10 GMT

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