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Are you having problems with mice and rats?

Blog post   •   Oct 26, 2016 12:26 GMT

Silverline Mice & Rat Free is your solution! Keep the mice and rats away with the advanced sound technology Silverline A-Guard. The advanced sound technology is based on ultrasound with random variation which prevents mice and rats from rooting themselves in the area. Ultrasound interfere with the animals communication and behavior and they avoid the area. By using a wide spectrum of frequencies in a varied pattern, there is no risk that the pests get accustomed to the sound. In the more powerful versions of Mice & Rat free the repelling sound is combined with electromagnetic pulses that aims at making the pest avoid using cabling in walls and ceilings as running paths.

Silverline® Pest Protect system® gives you a reliable and safe system solution to combat pests throughout your home. Combining the range for your unique situation gives you safe and comprehensive protection. Silverline is the strongest brand within eco-friendly and non-toxic pest deterrent systems. Silverline Pest Protect system protects your home around the clock, all year round, hygienically and free from toxicity.

Why you should use Mice & Rat free:

  • Mice & Rat free is easy to use – no extra electrical installation or fitting is needed to get started.
  • Just plug Mice & Rat free in to a wall socket and the function starts immediately.
  • The sound and the electropulses will unsettle and create an unbearable environment for mice and rats.
  • Silverlines repellers have a wide and varied sound pattern to avoid the animals getting accustomed to the sound.
  • Mice & Rat free is very enery efficient and does not interfere or influence other household electronics.
  • Pets and humans are not affected by the sound, however hamsters, guinea pigs and similar pets should not be kept in the same part of the house where a Mice & Rat free has been installed.
  • NOTE: The repellers needs to be placed in a room with walls and ceiling to work, because the ultrasound must be able to bounce of the walls and ceiling to fill the entire room. Because of this, make sure the repeller is not placed behing furniture or curtains since this will limit the effect. A room with a lot of soft furniture and textiles will also limit the effect since they will dampen the sound.

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