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Pressemelding   •   mar 03, 2020 12:00 CET

Dan Jones - Lost Relics of the Knights Templar


Wednesdays from 22nd April at 22.00

Nazi loot. Roman coins. Viking artifacts. Celtic gold. And millions of pounds worth of classic cars and motor bikes. This is just some of the priceless treasure that regularly passes through the hands of the world’s most prolific (yet completely unknown) treasure hunters Hamilton White and Carl Cookson. But now they have their rarest and most priceless treasure yet - a hoard of Knights Templar treasure. With key Templar relics in their possession a black obsidian chalice, a Templar sword, an alabaster libation vessel, and an iron reliquary box the duo travel all over Europe and the Middle East, to trace the origins of the relics. Alongside Hamilton and Carl’s journey, the story of the Templars will be told by historians, including presenter and best-selling author of ‘The Templars The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God’s Holy Warriors’, Dan Jones.


Tuesdays from 28th April at 22.00

Curse Skinwalker Ranch from Executive Producer Kevin Burns, the creator and producer of HISTORY’s most popular series, including Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island. Gaining full and unprecedented access to one of the most infamous and secretive hotspots of paranormal and UFO-related activities on earth, The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch will feature a team of scientists and experts who will conduct a thorough search of this infamous 512-acre property located in Utah’s Uinta Basin. Except for a handful of documentaries, few have ever gained official access to Skinwalker Ranch, and none have ever been able to bring cameras onto the property for a television series, but that’s all about to change as HISTORY’s exciting new nonfiction series uncovers the ‘who?’ ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ of an area that (until now) has remained as secretive and as forbidden as some of our nation’s greatest mysteries. They will attempt to find out the truth behind more than 200 years of mysteries — involving everything from UFO sightings and paranormal activities to animal mutilations and Native American legends of a shape-shifting creature known simply as, “The Skinwalker.”


Saturdays from 4th April at 19.05

It's a new season of monster competition as both drivers and machines face a dangerous and demanding test of ingenuity and skills. This challenge features a diverse lineup of vehicles, including a 1986 Suzuki Samurai and a 2008 Lexus, along with special guest appearances from NASCAR Champions Kyle, Kurt Busch, and others.


Weekdays from 16.15 until 18.15 from 6th -12th April

A brand-new stunt this April on HISTORY. To celebrate the Easter season HISTORY will be showing the best in religion-based programming all week from 16.15. Brand new to HISTORY Proving God (11/04) For centuries, science and faith have been polarized on some of the most fundamental questions in the universe, sometimes with deadly consequences. But as mankind seeks to answer the ultimate question--whether God exists--religion and science have joined in an unlikely alliance. Can new scientific discoveries and digital age technology reveal tangible proof of God? From the far reaches of the cosmos to the inner working of the human mind, scientists and believers around the world are using science to open new frontiers in this ultimate quest. Other series include Bible Secrets Revealed (06/07/08), Banned From The Bible (09/04 & 10/04 at 16.15) Jesus His Life 09/04 & 10/04 at 17.15) & The God Code (12/04).

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