Continued high survival rate in all regions

Press Releases   •   Feb 15, 2018 15:14 CET

Good fish health and low mortality are important in our salmon farming. The survival rate for our fish for the full year 2017 spanned from 94 % to 96% in our operating regions. Cermaq had no escapes in the last quarter of 2017, neither so far in 2018.


Business Action Platform for Oceans announced today at Cermaq headquarters

Press Releases   •   Feb 02, 2018 11:39 CET

UN Global Compact, The Norwegian Government, and engaged companies announced today the launch of the Business Action Platform for Oceans. For the first time business will take a leading role in addressing ocean sustainability in the UN. The platform will be formally based in the UN Global Compact, the private sector initiative of the UN.


High fish survival rate in all regions

Press Releases   •   Nov 14, 2017 07:02 CET

Good fish health and low mortality are important in our farming. The annual mortality in Cermaq’s global operations spans from 4 % to 6%. Although the relevance can be discussed, for comparison 6 % is the same level as the annual mortality in Norwegian lamb production*.


Cermaq applies for 13 development licenses for FlexiFarm – closed containment systems with water treatment against infections

Press Releases   •   Nov 07, 2017 07:15 CET

Cermaq aims to be leading in technology development that contributes to sustainable food production. FlexiFarm is a floating closed containment system based on flow-through technology. FlexiFarm strengthens the competitive advantages of fish farming in coastal areas and addresses the concerns raised by politicians, authorities, NGOs, our customers, and not at least by the industry itself.


iFarm will transform fish farming from stock management to individualized farming

Press Releases   •   Oct 23, 2017 10:29 CEST

The Directorate of Fisheries has found that Cermaq’s iFarm concept to be within the scope of the Norwegian development licenses system. Cermaq has applied for ten licenses to implement the technology that will reduce the environmental footprint of farming and bring fish welfare and fish health to a new level as each fish is being individually monitored.


Advancing innovation in closed technologies

Press Releases   •   Oct 04, 2017 16:31 CEST

Bendik Fyhn Terjesen has joined Cermaq’s R&D team as Innovation Manager. He will focus on technologies for advanced controlling of farming including closed systems on shore and in the ocean.


Summer temps clean beaches for plastic pollution

News   •   Sep 19, 2017 15:44 CEST

Cermaq Norway's summer campaign removed 200 cubic meters or 200,000 litres of plastic, from our beaches in the region. "The plastic campaign was a great success. We want to provide youth with working opportunities and cleaning beaches is important task. This is a win-win situation and we are definitely going to repeat this next summer" says HSE coordinator Torbjørn Hjerto.


Robust sustainability performance in Cermaq last quarter

Press Releases   •   Aug 29, 2017 09:00 CEST

Cermaq has published quarterly sustainability results on key indicators related to fish health, environmental and social topics in our operations since beginning of 2016. The quarterly sustainability results for April - June show low mortality level; for the last 12 months 4.4 % in Norway, 5.9 % in Canada, and ranging between the three species from 3%-6.8% in Chile.


Cermaq rated as the most transparent salmon farming company

Press Releases   •   Aug 11, 2017 09:47 CEST

Cermaq holds the # 1 position in Seafood Intelligence’s annual transparency benchmark report 2017. Cermaq is unique by having external assurance of its sustainability report and also publishing quarterly sustainability performance results.


Aquaculture will play a key role in transforming our food system

Press Releases   •   Jun 12, 2017 14:05 CEST

“Aquaculture is the source of animal protein with the lowest carbon footprint, and this fact tells us that aquaculture must be a key part of the future food system”, said Cermaq’s CEO Geir Molvik in the panel Food can fix it at EAT Forum today.

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