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Maybellines makeupartister om trendene for høst/vinter 2013

Pressemelding   •   aug 14, 2013 09:00 CEST

Flere av Maybellines makeupartister verden over nevner disse trendene for høst/vinter 2013:

-makeupen skal ha en falmet look og du skal ikke bære preg av å være nysminket

-lepper i dype og matte farger som bordeaux, plomme og lilla, eller en naturlig gloss med frisk finish

-store og markerte øyne, inspirert av trenden fra Japan

-variasjoner i liner-teknikk, tykke, markerte streker eller liner som er duset litt ut og ser mer tilfeldig ut

-ansikt med plettfri hud, hvor fokus er på konturene i ansiktet ved å bruke masse highlighter

-øyebrynene skal være et statement i seg selv. Tykke og tilfedige, men med en definert form

-legge flere fargenyanser leppestift på leppene. Lysere ytterst og mørkere innerst for å skape en illusjon av større lepper

Makeupartistene har blant annet jobbet på disse visningene:

DKNY (New York), Mara Hoffman (New York), Marissa Webb (New York), Custo Barcelona (New York), Giulietta (New York), Wes Gordon (New York),  Allude (Paris), Anja Gockel (Berlin), Basler (Berlin), David Tomaszewski (Berlin), Dimitri (Berlin), Guido Maria Kretschmer (Berlin), Laurèl (Berlin), Lena Hoschek (Berlin), Leandro Cano (Berlin), Marcel Ostertag (Berlin), Miranda Konstantindu (Berlin), Minx by Eva Lutz, Vladimier Karaleev (Berlin), Byblos (Milan), Fatima Val (Milan), Kristina Ti (Milan), Michael Bastian (New York), Paul & Joe (Paris), Ashish (London), Richard Nicoll (London), Todd Lynn (London) med flere.

For en mer detaljert beskrivelse av trenden for høst/vinter 2013, se intervju med hver og en av makeupartistene på engelsk.

Max Delorme – Frankrike

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  My favorite trend is the play on perfection— using the opposition of colors and textures to create an imperfect look that is beautiful and refined, yet undone at the same time. That idea of faded perfection will be a strong trend in France for fall and winter. I think we’re going to see a focus on eyes with smudgy variations of black liner or more sophisticated eye shadow looks. And lips will be either richly pigmented in matte shades of bordeaux, plum, and purple, or natural with a touch of gloss.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Paris this season?  The general trends are the same, but the difference lies in the idea of femininity. The New York woman leans more towards perfection in her makeup, with simple, sophisticated looks, while the Parisian woman opts for a cinematic, iconic chic, which is achieved through imperfection—her makeup seems slightly undone.

Mizu – Japan

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  I’m a fan of the undone makeup trend this season. It’s messy with a purpose, in the sense that the style looks imperfect, yet it’s beautiful and finished. Here in Japan, I think the biggest catwalk-to-sidewalk trend will be the eyeliner and smoky eye looks. Japanese women love making their eyes look bigger, and I think they will incorporate some of new tricks from this season, like using shimmery beige or pink shadow to play with light and make their eyes stand out.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Japan this season?  There is certainly a difference in style. Japanese women aren’t afraid to have fun with their looks—they like cute, or as we say it, “kawaii,” makeup. They enhance their features with false lashes, bright shadows, and playful blush. New York women prefer to create the look of perfect skin, and then opt for more natural, polished makeup for their eyes and lips. Of course, the younger generations in both countries love glitter!

Yuri Stolyarov – Russland

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  I love the fresh, natural look, and how it evolves each season. On the runways this fall we saw flawless skin highlighted with shiny gloss or a touch of blush in a way that emphasized the sculptural contours of the face.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Russia this season?  Russian women love trying new trends from the runways around the world, including New York. The looks they embrace this season will be the dramatic ones, like wine lip color. Dark lipstick looks ideal with skin perfected by foundation and a touch of bronzer, bold, defined brows, and thin eyeliner.

Boris Entrup – Tyskland

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  I love the juxtaposition of perfect and imperfect this season. When you see an undone makeup look, what you don’t notice is the underlying perfection—the flawless skin, created from a cream or matte foundation. The skin becomes the canvas on which those grunge eye looks and 1940s-inspired lips can shine.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Germany this season?  On the runways in Germany, we had extra pale skin beneath imperfect smoky eyes, curvy, red lips, and heavy eyebrows. Eyebrows seem to be more important here than in New York—we saw the trend beginning last year. German women are going for impressive, statement-making brows that are thick and bushy, yet still nicely groomed.

Nigel Stanislaus – Australia

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  My personal favorite also happens to be the easiest and quickest way to transform your look: bold, bright lipstick. You can play with different shades—mixing or layering them, for a more personal, individualized look.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Australia this season?  Like New Yorkers, Australian women love to play and experiment with trends. But the difference is that Aussies will always go back to focusing on luminous, sun-kissed skin. We love the outdoors, freckles are embraced, and minimalism has a beach-inspired twist here in Australia. This season, I’m also seeing a return to color on both lips and eyes. Which is why I think the luxury-vamp trend, a b old look with jewel tones in emerald, ruby and sapphire, will really take off.

Gato – Spania

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  I am a 100 percent fan of the comeback-grunge look! It has the spirit of the messy makeup look from the 1990s, but we’re making it fresh, in a slightly less dramatic way for today. The focus is on black eyeliner, carelessly applied to the bottom lash line for an “I’ve been partying all night” effect. Now, more than ever, you don’t have to be as skilled as a makeup artist to look cool. Simply do your makeup fast, imperfectly—do it grunge!

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Spain this season?  Women in Spain are very interested in color right now—neon brights on lips, rainbow palettes on nails, even classic black eyeliner is taking a backseat to colorful streaks of green, blue, and violet. I think it’s the perfect way to cheer up the dark, cold winter months ahead!

Clio Zammatteo – Italia

What is your favorite trend for Fall/Winter 2013?  My favorite trend of the season has to be the rich red and purple lipstick looks—like the one I created for Byblos. I wanted to design a democratic makeup look, a style that any woman could pull off. I made the skin flawless and very dewy, and I left the eyes naked because I wanted the dramatic burgundy lips to be the star.

What is a defining difference in beauty between New York and Italy this season?  I think women both in New York and in Italy will fully embrace the rich trend in lipstick. And I think we will see women everywhere going for the beautiful effect of using more than one shade. Making the center of the lip paler than the outer area gives the illusion of fuller lips—Americans and Italians both love full, voluptuous lips.

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