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Vigeland’s Unknown Textile Treasures

Nyhet   •   jul 05, 2019 15:15 CEST

Kristiania Design and the Vigeland Museum have cooperated to make lesser known facets of Vigeland’s art production better known. (Photo: Kristiania Design)

Gustav Vigeland is Norway’s greatest sculptor. In connection with the 150th anniversary of his birth, Kristiania Design and the Vigeland Museum have cooperated to make lesser known facets of Vigeland’s art production better known.

Kristiania Design has established itself through the Gerhard Munthe Exhibition at Norway’s National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design as a major player in interior design. Kristiania Design worked closely then with the National Museum’s curators and made Munthe’s art accessible through new products that received wide acclaim. Now the firm has turned its focus on the artistic crafts of Gustav Vigeland. Starting out with Vigeland’s pillow patterns, Kristiania Design has created textile products inspired by the interior of the artist’s home at Frogner in Oslo.

The apartment was completed in 1924 using the aesthetics of the 1920s. Colors favored in that decade are popular with interior design bloggers and are components of today’s color trends.

Berenike Munthe Wulfsberg at Kristiania Design explains:

- We consider it challenging when after a certain number of years art becomes part of the public domain and anyone can copy and reproduce it.We wish to celebrate artists and make their works available in a way they would have been appreciated, doing so in close collaboration with museums and their curators.

- The products are produced by the well-established weaving mill Innvik AS (founded in 1890) using their exclusive Jacquard weave. Textile artist Kristina D. Aas was inspired by Vigeland and presents her interpretation of the artist’s design.

- The production process has been stimulating and motivating for us, with design, weave and inspirationderived from Gustav Vigeland’s home.Our partners have delivered quality all down the line. These are high quality textile products for use in your home that evoke inspirational reflections of the art itself, says Wulfsberg.

Museum Director Jarle Strømodden at the Vigeland Museum concurs:

- The Vigeland Museum experiences a formidable interest in Gustav Vigeland’s home. Not without reason. He designed parts of the interior himself, and by seeing how he lived we get to know the sculptor better. We are proud to present quality products from Kristiania Design in our museum shop and are gratified that this enables visitors to leave with a unique piece of Vigeland for use in their own living room or holiday home, says Strømodden.

Vigeland’s works in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

In another initiative for Kristiania Design, Qvisten Animation bolsters appreciation of the history of the artist and his works through innovative and engaging films. Both VR and AR technology will help create interactive encounters between the public and Gustav Vigeland’s works.

- We have extensive experience in presenting renowned and revered authors via film media and think the project with Kristiania Design is a novel challenge. Now we will be experimenting with Vigeland’s thoughts and ideas behind his iconic works and disseminating our experience through animation and film. By using VR and AR we hope to reach the public in a captivating way. We will literally bring the public ‘into’ the artwork, says Ove Heiborg, producer and owner of Qvisten Animation.

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