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Spotlight on the electric bicycle at the Cycleurope annual trade show – Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring were there

Nyhet   •   okt 04, 2016 13:05 CEST

Orhan Arnautovic and Daniel Högfeldt from Resurs Bank in Sweden.

The bicycle market is red hot at the moment. And hottest of all is the electric bicycle. The bike was unveiled at Cycleurope’s annual trade show and not surprisingly Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring were there to keep track of important trends before the 2017 cycling season.

Grimaldi-owned Cycleurope – headquartered in Varberg, with Bianchi, Monark and Crescent among its major brands – has organised an annual trade show for its dealers for over 40 years.As funding partners, Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring are a natural part of the event.

-It's a fantastic trade show, gathering together 170 bicycle players at the same time, says Resurs Bank’s Daniel Högfeldt, who goes on to say that the show is like entering a giant bicycle shop where all brands, models and colours are simultaneously displayed, with seminars on everything from profitability and marketing to product briefings.

The hottest trend for the 2017 bicycle season is the electric bicycle, with an emphasis on the positive effects it has on health and the environment, as well as the economic aspects.

-For Resurs Bank, it is of great importance to monitor electric bicycle trends, particularly as expensive products increase the need for good financing. Here, it is important for us to offer customised solutions that give customers both a flexible and secure payment option, says Resurs Bank’s Orhan Arnautovic.

Another interesting trend highlighted during the trade show is the growing interest in e-commerce for bicycles. Today, it is very important that bicycle purchasing is available, whatever the channel. For bicycles in general, the trend is clear –the bicycle sector is a strongly rising market. This means there is every reason to look forward to an exciting 2017 cycling season.