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Logging/auditing in SafeSend

Press Release   •   May 01, 2016 21:44 CEST

The latest version of SafeSend offers improved logging capabilities. It is now possible to log outgoing email activity to physical files and to the Windows Event Log. The physical file logging uses log rotation for incredibly fast performance while still limiting the size of the log files. With logging to Windows Event Log, administrators can use third party tools to extract log information from each client PC to a central log server where the logs can be achieved and audited. You can now use SafeSend to improve your email logging!

Below is an example of how the logs can look:

2016-04-24T23:26:47.2654465+02:00 category=info action=email_confirmed machine=”machine-name” user=”username” from=”” type=”email” subject=”test” nr_total_recipients=3 nr_recipients_confirmed=2 nr_files_attached=1 nr_files_reviewed=0 recipients_confirmed=”;” attachments_confirmed=”attachment.pdf”

2016-04-26T21:24:57.7560776+02:00 category=info action=email_cancelled machine=”machine-name” user=”username” from=”” type=”email” subject=”te” nr_total_recipients=1 nr_recipients_not_confirmed=1 nr_files_attached=0 nr_files_reviewed=0

2016-04-26T21:26:07.8478440+02:00 category=info action=email_skipped machine=”machine-name” user=”username” from=”” reason=”no_recipients_to_confirm” type=”email” subject=”t” nr_total_recipients=1 nr_files_attached=1